Earliest Documented Baseball Autograph Collection Authenticated By PSA/DNA

(Newport Beach, California ) – Another incredible sports rarity was recently authenticated by PSA/DNA (www.PSADNA.com). The earliest documented baseball autograph collection, along with a collection of political autographs, was just examined and authenticated by the company.

The signatures were found within two autograph albums, one of early baseball stars and one signed by the 1892 United States Congress.

Given the era, predating the superstar era of the 1920s onward, these autographs are scarce, to say the least. It was a time before fans were clamoring for players’ signatures, and the fact that these signatures resurfaced over 100 years later, further demonstrates their rarity.

The albums remained, untouched, in the possession of a family, never to see the light of day, until now.

"Forget the rarity of some of the names within this collection for whom few, if any other, examples are known to exist.  The fact that these signatures were obtained in 1892 by someone who collected them as autographs makes this the earliest documented baseball autograph collection known.  And their uniqueness as part of this ‘first’ collection cannot be overstated," said PSA/DNA Authenticator Kevin Keating.

Notable names in the collection include legendary manager Frank Selee, and two early baseball superstars in George S. Davis and a then 25-year-old Cy Young — from only the third season in the hurler’s career. 

“Considering the dates of origin and the stars within the album, these are remarkable finds, and the Davis signature is a tremendous rarity. With this recently surfaced example, there are now only three total examples of Davis’ signature,” said PSA/DNA President and Collectors Universe CEO Joe Orlando.

Davis was one of the early stars of the game, and was inducted posthumously into the Hall of Fame in 1995, 55 years after his death. Considering the Hall of Famer was bereft of surviving family members at the time of the honors, the discovery and retention of his signature is even more impressive.

Accompanying the small baseball autograph book is a book of political signatures, signed by the 1892 Congress. The political book is composed mostly of signatures of senators and some Supreme Court justices of the 1890s.

Because of the nature of the two autograph albums, one political and one baseball, it’s possible that the baseball names were obtained from athletes visiting Washington at the time.

The autographs are set to hit Goldin Auctions, October 20, 2017 and close November 11. More information on the auction can be found at www.goldinauctions.com

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