Sterling Sports Auctions #64 finished with the strongest last day in four years and had a number of cards receive record sales numbers including a 1948 Leaf Murtaugh PSA 6 that sold for almost double the highest previous recorded sales.  

2017 has been a very strong year. Sterling has had six Auctions in the calendar year and every auction has had strong prices in each auction including at least 3 or more cards in each auction that received the highest recorded price for a card of the grade, including Pre War HOFers, Post War HOFers and high grade commons.

Have you got cards you are looking to sell and tired of doing the work to resell your cards and have to deal with the potential headaches from the buyers?  Sterling can do the work for you, we may not be the biggest Auction House but our results speak for themselves.  Whether you have a complete collection, or individual cards raw or graded, Sterling is the place for you.  As a smaller Auction House that features an Auction every 5 weeks, there is always one right around the corner.  Payment to consignors generally go out 2-3 weeks after end of auction.

Do you have a large number of graded cards in one set that you want to maximize your resell?  While a larger auction house may sell it as a whole or in larger groups, Sterling can break down the cards into individual lots or smaller lots, to maximize the resell value of your cards. An example of this working great for a consignor is a graded T205 set that was consigned to Sterling Auctions. The set had been offered in three different larger auction sites with a reserve set at $30,000, none of the other sites were able to get him the minimum for his set. This set was sent to Sterling Auctions and sold as individual lots, in the end the consignor had over $35,000 in his pocket. This could be your consignment!

Now accepting consignments for Auction #65 starting August 24

Call or email today if you have items you wish to consign for seller rates, generally zero percent.

Lee Behrens 320-219-1372