New PSA Digital Album Lets You Proudly Display Your Card Sets Anytime, Anywhere

Now you can show off your PSA Set Registry® trading cards in a customizable, online album even if your prized cards are stored far-away for safe keeping.

Professional Sports Authenticator ( has created the PSA Digital Card Album, a way for collectors to display and share their card sets online in a beautiful format resembling a traditional trading card album.  The new feature is free and easy to use.

"The PSA Set Registry would not be possible without internet technology, and now we’ve used that technology to take what we feel is the next giant step for Set Registry efficiency, fun, and enjoyment," said BJ Searls, PSA Set Registry and Special Projects Director.

PSA President Joe Orlando explained: "We’ve developed a way for you to create a stylish, online album to display your cards which you can enjoy yourself or share with your friends anytime. You simply log into My Set Registry, visit one of your sets, and build the album with the images you have added to your set."

You can choose from one of six different color palettes for each album and you can add your own set description to the inside cover.  Once you "publish" your album online, it is linked from your set in the Registry and can be downloaded and printed as a PDF file.  You can admire it anytime, anywhere online, and you can share it with other collectors on the PSA Set Registry website or via social media.

"This new digital approach dramatically changes the way you can enjoy and display your sets," said Searls.

To create an album, log in to your My Set Registry and select a set to upload images or one with existing images. From there, select the “Edit Digital Album” icon to begin the process. For additional assistance, please reference our step-by-step guide under Set Registry Help.

The PSA Set Registry ( now hosts more than 100,000 sets.  For additional information about PSA and its services and the new PSA Digital Album, visit or call PSA Customer Service at (800) 325-1121.

*Your **PSA** Set Registry**® cards can have a handsome, customized online showcase using the new, free **PSA** Digital Card Album feature.*