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To submit your item to the QuickOpinion™ service,

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The fee for the QuickOpinion™ service is $15.00 per item
($10.00 for eBay auctions).

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What Is It?

QuickOpinion™ is a service of PSA/DNA, the leading name in autograph authentication. Our service enables you to get the opinion of the autograph industry's leading experts on autographed auction lots throughout the industry. PSA/DNA is making this service available at a nominal cost, helping potential bidders make informed buying decisions.


How Does It Work?

QuickOpinion™ is safe and easy to use. Just fill out the submission form with the name of the auction, the lot number and a description of the item you would like reviewed. After the form is complete, your request will be sent immediately to our experts and they will proceed with an online examination.

For only $15.00 per review ($10.00 for eBay auctions) and within 24-48 hours, you will receive an email with PSA/DNA's opinion on whether they feel the item is "Likely Genuine" or "Likely Not Genuine."


What Do You Get for Your Money?

You will get a qualified opinion based on our expert's examination of the scan. The opinion will be either "Likely Genuine" or "Likely Not Genuine" based on the following standards:

  • Likely genuine: Our expert believes that the item, if physically submitted to CU's PSA/DNA division for examination, would likely receive a PSA/DNA certificate of authenticity.

  • Likely not genuine: Our expert believes that the item, if physically submitted to PSA/DNA for examination, would likely not receive a PSA/DNA certificate of authenticity.

Because the quality of scans varies, the opinion offered will be non-binding. In other words, you will not receive a certificate, letter or guarantee of authenticity. You will get our expert's candid reaction to the item based on the quality of the information presented in the lot listing.

Please note: QuickOpinion™ currently takes 24-48 hours.


What If PSA/DNA Cannot Render an Opinion Through QuickOpinion™?

If PSA/DNA is unable to render an opinion, we will provide a refund to your account.

There are several reasons we will not be able to render an opinion, including but not limited to:

  1. If the scans are inadequate, (e.g. too small, poor focus, bad lighting, etc.) then we will not be able to render an opinion.

  2. If the item is outside our area of expertise. While we pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and the diversity of expertise within (sports, historical and entertainment autographs), there may be rare occasions where an autograph is simply one that the expert staff is not comfortable opining on.

  3. If the lot contains multiple autographs but not all of them are visible via the available scans. It is fairly common for auction lots to contain more than one autograph. In fact, some lots may contain hundreds of them. In those cases, in order for the expert to opine on the autographs, each one must be available for viewing. The good news is that if the lot contains multiple autographs and each one is available via scan, our expert can review the entire lot for only $15.00 (or $10.00 for eBay auctions)!

    Furthermore, the same is true of multi-signed items such as team signed baseballs, bats, autograph books, programs, etc. All of the autographs within a lot must be visible via scan in order for the expert to render an opinion through this service.

    In cases where the customer is only concerned with certain autographs within a particular lot, they can specify exactly what autograph (or autographs) they would like reviewed. For example, you may have an autograph album where Babe Ruth has signed one page and his autograph is available via scan but many of the others are not. Even though our experts cannot see the remaining signatures within the album, you can choose to proceed with the QuickOpinion™ as long as it is limited to the autographs (in this case – Ruth) that are viewable.

  4. If the request is made too close to the close of the auction. Our staff does its best to process each request in a timely manner but there may be instances where requests are made too close to the end of an auction. For example, if you send a request to PSA/DNA within 24 hours of the auction close, while there is a good chance your request will be processed in time, the experts may not be able to process the request before the bidding ends for that item. Please be aware of this risk and plan accordingly. Once an order has been placed, the charge of $15.00 ($10.00 for eBay auctions) is automated and non-refundable.


What Do I Do After I Buy the Item?

If you are the successful bidder and ultimately purchase the item, you have the option to physically send it to our experts for a formal and complete examination.

If we receive the item within 60 days (90 days for eBay auctions) of the close of the auction, you will be entitled to a credit of $15.00 (or $10.00 for eBay auctions) off our regular authentication fee. All you have to do is attach a copy of your paid QuickOpinion™ invoice to the PSA/DNA submission form.

After the in-person examination takes place and your item(s) are deemed authentic, you will receive a Certificate or Letter of Authenticity from the industry's most respected and marketable name in authentication. To take advantage of the full PSA/DNA authentication service and to view all the benefits this service provides, please visit our Submission Center.

It is important to understand that the QuickOpinion™ program is just that. For the very low fee of $15.00 (or $10.00 for eBay auctions), you will get the assistance of the most respected experts in the autograph authentication field, taking a quick look at the autograph in question, giving you their unbiased opinion. You should be fully aware that this opinion is NOT GUARANTEED and that errors are possible.


Terms and Conditions of Service (Important!)

  1. Collectors Universe (CU) will endeavor to render opinions within a reasonable time frame after receipt, but disclaims any liability whatsoever to Customer for damages (including incidental or consequential damages) allegedly due to CU's failure to render an opinion within any time frame.
  2. CU will not render opinions with respect to items consisting of (a) autographs NOT listed on CU's Autograph Schedule or, (b) autographs that in CU's opinion are damaged and/or their scans illegible. Fees paid to CU for such items shall be refunded to Customer.
  3. Only items received within 60 days (90 days for eBay auctions) of the close of the auction will be entitled to a credit of $15.00 (or $10.00 for eBay auctions) off CU's regular authentication price.
  4. Certification and authentication involves individual judgments that are subjective and require the exercise of professional opinion, which can change from time to time. CU does not guarantee that any opinion rendered by QuickOpinion will agree with the opinion(s) of any other autograph experts, or with the opinion rendered by CU itself should the item be submitted for physical inspection immediately following purchase or at any time in the future. Therefore, CU makes no warranty or representation and shall have no liability whatsoever to Customer for the opinion rendered by QuickOpinion with respect to any item, including, but not limited to, losses or damages incurred by any person as a result of relying upon any QuickOpinion opinion in connection with the purchase (or non-purchase) or sale of any item. CU further disclaims any liability whatsoever for losses or damages incurred by any person as a result of the reproduction and/or use of any QuickOpinion opinion by third parties not connected with CU.
  5. QuickOpinion opinions are non-transferable, and Customer agrees to the following with respect to dissemination of any opinion Customer receives from QuickOpinion with respect to any item: (a) not to disclose QuickOpinion's opinion to any third party; and (b) that QuickOpinion's opinions are confidential and may not be reproduced or distributed without CU's express permission.
  6. Except as expressly set forth herein, CU disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, regarding the QuickOpinion service.
  7. Any and all disputes arising out of, related to or concerning the QuickOpinion service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the domestic substantive laws of the State of California without giving effect to any choice or conflict of laws provisions or rule that would cause the application of the domestic substantive laws of any other jurisdiction. Any and all disputes that concern or arise out of the QuickOpinion service shall be resolved exclusively within the jurisdiction of the State of California, within the County of Orange.