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Presidential Autograph Values

Presidential Autographs

Presidential Term
Doc/TLS **
ALS **
George Washington1789-9717996000+15000+30000+ 
John Adams - During Presidency1797-180118263500+10000+20000+ 
John Adams  1750+6500+17500+ 
Thomas Jefferson - During Presidency1801-0918264000+8500+30000+ 
Thomas Jefferson  2750+7500+16500+ 
James Madison - During Presidency1809-171836500+2000+4500+ 
James Madison  400+1500+3000+ 
James Monroe - During Presidency1817-251831500+2000+4500+ 
James Monroe  400+1500+3000+ 
John Quincy Adams - During Presidency1825-291848400+1200+4000+ 
John Quincy Adams  350+1000+2750+ 
Andrew Jackson - During Presidency1829-371845800+2500+5000+ 
Andrew Jackson  500+1750+3500+ 
Martin Van Buren - During Presidency1837-411862350+1000+2750+ 
Martin Van Buren  250+700+1250+ 
William Henry Harrison - During Presidency18411841UNK100000+200000+ 
William Henry Harrison  700+1650+4250+ 
John Tyler - During Presidency1841-451862500+1350+2500+ 
John Tyler  350+1000+2000+ 
James K. Polk - During Presidency1845-491849600+2000+3500+ 
James K. Polk  500+1500+2500+ 
Zachary Taylor - During Presidency1849-5018501200+5000+13000+ 
Zachary Taylor  700+1750+3500+ 
Millard Fillmore - During Presidency1850-531874500+1350+2500+ 
Millard Fillmore  250+700+1250+10000+
Franklin Pierce - During Presidency1853-571869600+1500+2200+ 
Franklin Pierce   500+850+1350+ 
James Buchanan - During Presidency1857-611868450+1250+2500+ 
James Buchanan   350+1000+1500+4500+
Abraham Lincoln - During Presidency1861-6518654500+9500+25000+65000+
Abraham Lincoln  4000+8000+12500+ 
Andrew Johnson - During Presidency1865-691875500+1750+5000+4000+
Andrew Johnson  400+900+3500+3250+
Ulysses S. Grant - During Presidency1869-771885750+1500+2750+3500+
Ulysses S. Grant  600+1350+2000+2750+
Rutherford B. Hayes - During Presidency1877-811893350+700+1250+3000+
Rutherford B. Hayes  200+500+650+1750+
James Abram Garfield - During Presidency188118815000+15000+42500+ 
James Abram Garfield  250+700+1000+1750+
Chester A. Arthur - During Presidency1881-851886400+1000+4250+ 
Chester A. Arthur  325+750+1250+900+
Grover Cleveland - During Presidency1885-891908300+600+1000+1500+
Grover Cleveland  250+400+650+750+
Benjamin Harrison - During Presidency1889-931901400+1000+2000+ 
Benjamin Harrison  225+500+800+1750+
Grover Cleveland - During Presidency1893-971908275+600+850+1500+
Grover Cleveland  225+400+600+750+
William McKinley - During Presidency1897-19011901400+800+2500+1250+
William McKinley  250+650+1000+750+
Theodore Roosevelt - During Presidency1901-091919500+1200+3500+2000+
Theodore Roosevelt  275+850+1650+1250+
William Howard Taft - During Presidency1909-131930225+650+3250+600+
William Howard Taft  150+350+850+450+
Woodrow Wilson - During Presidency1913-211924425+750+5500+700+
Woodrow Wilson  250+600+1100+500+
Warren G. Harding - During Presidency1921-231923350+700+10000+650+
Warren G. Harding  225+400+1000+500+
Calvin Coolidge - During Presidency1923-291933200+500+3750+600+
Calvin Coolidge  150+275+750+375+
Herbert Clark Hoover - During Presidency1929-331964200+500+35000+500+
Herbert Clark Hoover  100+275+1650+400+
Franklin D. Roosevelt - During Presidency1933-451945350+1750+20000+1000+
Franklin D. Roosevelt  250+1250+2200+750+
Harry S. Truman - During Presidency1945-531972325+650+5500+550+
Harry S. Truman  150+375+1750+325+
Dwight D. Eisenhower - During Presidency1953-611969325+750+22500+550+
Dwight D. Eisenhower  275+650+3500+475+
John F. Kennedy - During Presidency1961-6319631500+3750+12500+4500+
John F. Kennedy  1350+2200+4500+2500+
Lyndon B. Johnson - During Presidency1963-691973250+1000+3250+450+
Lyndon B. Johnson  200+400+1750+350+
Richard M. Nixon - During Presidency1969-741994225+750+27500+450+
Richard M. Nixon  175+350+1750+275+
Gerald R. Ford - During Presidency1974-772006125+650+4000+175+
Gerald R. Ford  75+250+1000+100+
Jimmy Earl Carter - During Presidency1977-81N/A150+900+6500+200+
Jimmy Earl Carter  75+250+900+100+
Ronald Wilson Reagan - During Presidency1981-892004500+2000+6000+600+
Ronald Wilson Reagan  350+650+1500+400+
George H. W. Bush - During Presidency1989-93N/A175+600+1000+350+
George H. W. Bush   100+275+600+275+
William J. Clinton - During Presidency1993-2001N/A400+1850+4000+450+
William J. Clinton  250+650+2200+300+
George W. Bush - During Presidency2001-2008N/A150+550+2000+400+
George W. Bush   100+300+700+275+
Barack Obama - During Presidency2008-PresentN/A125+450+1250+375+
Barack Obama  65+100+175+250+

Notes about Presidential Autographs

A Thomas Jefferson 1791 signed Act of Congress document sold for $18,109 in 2013

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