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1966 Topps Superman

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Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 510153060125
Krypton is DoomedShop110153065130315
Destination: EarthShop2510153060125
Superman's ParentsShop3510153060125
Ace ReporterShop4510153060125
A Job for SupermanShop6510153060125
The Man of SteelShop7510153060125
Superman's StrengthShop8510153060125
Metropolis' HeroShop9510153060125
The ThreatShop10510153060125
Plotting Lois' DeathShop11510153060125
Lois in TroubleShop12510153060125
Lois is KidnappedShop13510153060125
Jimmy and ClarkShop14510153060125
"He's Been Shot"Shop15510153060125
Clark Gets a LeadShop16510153060125
"No Falese Moves, Kent"Shop17510153060125
"You're Finished, Kent"Shop18510153060125
Superman in ActionShop19510153060125
Futile FightShop20510153060125
Superman's WarningShop21510153060125
The BackfireShop22510153060125
Crushing BlowShop23510153060125
Seeing with X-Ray EyesShop24510153060125
Saved by SupermanShop25510153060125
Safe at LastShop26510153060125
Superman's PerilShop27510153060125
Jimmy, Superman & PerryShop28510153060125
Great Caesar's GhostShop29510153060125
Bullets Bounce Off HimShop30510153060125
In the Nick of TimeShop31510153060125
Superman & the SavagesShop32510153060125
Superman Leaps InShop33510153060125
Superman to the RescueShop34510153060125
Superman's ProblemShop35510153060125
The ChallengeShop36510153060125
The Pirate's DecisionShop37510153060125
It's Superman!Shop38510153060125
Helping HandShop39510153060125
Superman & the CavemenShop40510153060125
Facing the Death RayShop41510153060125
Superman's "Wedding"Shop42510153060125
Happy EndingShop43510153060125
Reporter Clark KentShop44510153060125
Super SafecrackerShop45510153060125
Interviewwing the ChiefShop46510153060125
Superman's PetShop47510153060125
At the Police StationShop48510153060125
Capturing the CrooksShop49510153060125
The Alien ArrivesShop50510153060125
Superman Gets His ManShop51510153060125
Jor-El on KryptonShop52510153060125
Jimmy Behind BarsShop53510153060125
"Help Me, Superman"Shop54510153060125
Lois Threatened!Shop55510153060125
Superman's SearchShop56510153060125
Pa Kent Finds SuperboyShop57510153060125
Held as a HostageShop58510153060125
Rocket from KryptonShop59510153060125
Flight over MetropolisShop60510153060125
The Kryptonite RayShop61510153060125
Superman as a BabyShop62510153060125
Ruler of KryptonShop63510153060125
Superman's FatherShop64510153060125
Visitor From SpaceShop65510153060125
Harmless BlowShop6610153065130315
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Notes about 1966 Topps Superman

A PSA NM-MT 8 #51 Superman Gets His Man sold for $371 in 2009
A PSA Gem Mint 10 #64 (Superman's Father)sold for $359 in 2012
PSA Gem Mint 10s of #1 Krypton Doomed ($597) and #66 Harmless Blow ($657) each sold in 2012
A PSA Gem Mint 10 #5 Superman sold for $320 in 2013

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