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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1966 Topps Batman - A series

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 1015203065140
Ghostly FoeShop1A15305075135265
Grapling a GatorShop2A1015203065140
The Menacing MummyShop3A1015203065140
Target of the TrapperShop4A1015203065140
Pendulum PerilShop5A1015203065140
Facing the AceShop6A1015203065140
The Batline LifelineShop7A1015203065140
Tentacled TerrorShop8A1015203065140
Knighting a ThiefShop9A1015203065140
Cycling CrusaderShop10A1015203065140
Landing a Big OneShop11A1015203065140
Boiling BathShop12A1015203065140
Out on a LimbShop13A1015203065140
Danger in the DepthsShop14A1015203065140
Gotham GallantsShop15A1015203065140
Portable Bat SignalsShop16A1015203065140
Link to LincolnShop17A1015203065140
Death Spins a WebShop18A1015203065140
Leap for LifeShop19A1015203065140
Surfing SleuthsShop20A1015203065140
Batman Wins a PrizeShop21A1015203065140
Death Skis the SlopesShop22A1015203065140
Batting Nature's FuryShop23A1015203065140
Tight SqueezeShop24A1015203065140
In the BatlabShop25A1015203065140
The Joker's Last LaughShop26A1015203065140
Striking Out the ColorsShop27A1015203065140
Victorious DuoShop28A1015203065140
Danger form the 25th CenturyShop29A1015203065140
Undone by an UmbrellaShop30A1015203065140
Flying FoesShop31A1015203065140
Captain Kidd's CaperShop32A1015203065140
Dynamite in Robin's NestShop33A1015203065140
The Batman Baby SitterShop34A1015203065140
Crime Above the HarborShop35A1015203065140
Cliff HangersShop36A1015203065140
Watery WarfareShop37A1015203065140
In the Path of DeathShop38A1015203065140
Stopping the SubShop39A1015203065140
Inferno of FlameShop40A1015203065140
Duel of DeathShop41A1015203065140
Counterfeit Caped CrusaderShop42A1015203065140
Manace in FairylandShop43A1015203065140
Batman BroadwayShop44A15305075135265
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Notes about 1966 Topps Batman - A series

PSA Gem Mint 10s of #s 12A Boiling Bath, 14A Danger in the Depths and 25A In the Bat Lab each sold for $597 in 2012

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