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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1966 Donruss Green Hornet

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 410203045110
The Fantastic Green Hornet, Van WilliamsShop19153570125275
Mike Axford Does Not Know His Employer's Doube LifeShop2410203045110
Miss Case (Britt Reid's Secretary) is One of Three People Aware of Green Hornet's IdentityShop3410203045110
Kato has Proved Again the Power of Gung-Fu by Subduing Four Vicious CriminalsShop4410203045110
The Green Hornet Says to Himself " We Must recover the Diamonds Before the Criminals Do."Shop5410203045110
The Green Hornet and Kato Arriving Out of the Night, Surprise the Jewel Theives as They are Dividing Up their LootShop6410203045110
Quickly, The Green Hornet and Kato Disarm the Two Notorious Jewel ThievesShop7410203045110
The Third Jewel Thief Is Apprehended by The Green Hornet Who Renders Him HelplessShop8410203045110
"All Right, Fellows, The Party's Over!" Says the Green Hornet Arriving Out of the Stillness of the NightShop9410203045110
Pointing His Pistol at Miss Case, The Criminal Tells Her, " Call the Green Hornet and Get Him Over Here!'Shop10410203045110
The Black Beauty Entering the Hideout is Fir ed Upon by the Retreating CriminalsShop11410203045110
The Balck Beauty has Teo of the Criminals Pinned to the Wall as The Green Hornet Starts After the Other CriminalShop12410203045110
"There He Goes!" Screams Kato as The Green Hornet Leaps Over the Hood of The Balck Beuaty in PursuitShop13410203045110
" I See Him, Kato. We'll Soon Show Him the Sting of The Green Hornet"Shop14410203045110
The Criminals' Leader Attacks Kato with a Knife and Kato Seizing Him by the Arm Throws Him to the GroundShop15410203045110
The Leader Again Rises Only to be Rendered Helpless by Another of Kato's Gung-Fu moves.Shop16410203045110
As The Green Hornet Closes In, The Criminal Knows his End has ComeShop17410203045110
"I've Got you! Stand Upand Fight Like a Man!" yells The Green HornetShop18410203045110
With a Left to the Face, The Green Hornet has Again Shown His Powerful StingShop19410203045110
"Well, Thanks to You, Miss Case and Kato, We've Put Away Three More Criminals."Shop20410203045110
"I Saw Them Running Into the House!" Says Kato as He Hurriedly Stops the Balck Beauty.Shop21410203045110
Quickly Leaving the Black Beauty, The Green Hornet and Kato Streak Towards the Criminal's HouseShop22410203045110
The Green Hornet Says to Kato, "Go Around Back, While I Guard the Front."Shop23410203045110
The Green hornet, Always ready for Action, covers Kato's Entrance Into the Criminal's HomeShop24410203045110
Kato Quietly Inches His Way Towards the open DoorShop25410203045110
"Watch It Kato, I Hear Someone Coming!"Shop26410203045110
Kato, Sprinign Into Action, Disable the Attacking Criminal with One BlowShop27410203045110
The Green Hornet Quickly Tackles the Second Criminal in a Short but Deadly BattleShop28410203045110
The Criminals Knowing the game is Over, Start Coming Out as Kato and The Green Hornet Stand ReadyShop29410203045110
"Let's Go, Kato, I Don't Think We'll Have Any More Interference."Shop30410203045110
The Green Hornet Checks the Bookshelves Looking for the Hidden CompartmentShop31410203045110
"Watch It, Kato!" The Green Hornet Screams as Kato Bolts Upright to his Defensive PositionShop32410203045110
Kato Quickly Unleashes a Flurry of Deadly and Decisive Blows at the CriminalShop33410203045110
The Fianl Gung-Fu Move Lifts the Criminal from the Floor and the Battle is OverShop34410203045110
Kato, Turning Quickly, Realizes The Green Hornet is Trapped and Rushes to his AidShop35410203045110
As The Green Hornet Rescues Miss Case, Kato Yells, "Four More of the Criminals are Getting Away!"Shop36410203045110
Kato Quickly Crosses the Street and Captures One of the Criminals as He is About to Steal the Police Squad CarShop37410203045110
Another Criminal Appears from the Bushes, but He Too is Quickly Subdued by KatoShop38410203045110
"Get the Police Over Here!' Yells Kato as Two More of the Criminals are Pinned Against the Side of the Squad CarShop39410203045110
Seeing the Stolen Car Driving Away, Kato Unleashes his Deadly DartShop40410203045110
the Dart Punctures the Tire of the Criminal's Car, Making his Get Away ImpossibleShop41410203045110
"Let's Go, Kato, Our Work is Finished Here"Shop42410203045110
As Quickly as it Entered, The Balck Beauty Fades from SightShop43410203045110
Kato Stand Ready to HelpShop449153570125275
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Notes about 1966 Donruss Green Hornet

A PSA Mint 9 #27 (Kato Springing into Action) and #32 (Watch it, Kato) each sold for $299 in 2012
A PSA Mint 9 #44 (The People Can Sleep) sold for $568 in 2012
A PSA Mint 9 #6 (The Green Hornet and Kato) sold for $398 in 2012

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