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Non-Sports Card Values

1965 Topps Gilligan's Island

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 1015254080210
You'll be Safe Skipper! Only if I Stand Behind You!Shop12040651504001000
Gee Skipper, You Pop Up in the Strangest Places!Shop21015254080210
Somebody Call for a Handy Man?Shop31015254080210
Are You Sure this Will Go Up? Yeah But I Don't Know if It'll Come Down!Shop41015254080210
Don'T Hit Them Too Hard! They're Only Eggs!Shop51015254080210
Stop Crying, Skipper, I'll Always Be with You! That's Why I'm Crying!Shop61015254080210
Gee, I Thought You Were the Statue of Liberty!Shop71015254080210
You Said Drop Everything, so I Dropped the Logs on the RadioShop81015254080210
It's aBird! It's a Plane! No, It's Gilligan!Shop91015254080210
You First!Shop101015254080210
If You Say One Word I'll Kill Myself! What's the Word?Shop111015254080210
What Could Go Wrong with Me at the Wheel?Shop121015254080210
It's a Footprint of a Horrible Monster! You Ought to Know, Skipper, You Just Made It!Shop131015254080210
Always Happy to Lend a hand, Skipper!Shop141015254080210
Drink this and You'll Feel Like a Million Dollars! Yeah, All Green and Wrinkled!Shop151015254080210
My Gosh, It Does Look Like Gilligan!Shop161015254080210
There's Something Fishy about this Place!Shop171015254080210
Bob DenverShop181015254080210
You're So Strong, So Brave, So Fearless! You're so Wrong!Shop191015254080210
Are You Sure We're Safe from Gilligan in Here?Shop201015254080210
Everything I Say to You Goes in One Head and Out the Other!Shop211015254080210
Does Neatness Count?Shop221015254080210
Why did I Sit on that Ant Hill?Shop231015254080210
Are You Sure Tarzan Started this Way?Shop241015254080210
I Think the Radio is Fixed!Shop261015254080210
A Sentry Must Always Be Alert!Shop271015254080210
Ever Have a Fish in Your Mouth?Shop281015254080210
Gilligan, Investigate those Strange Noises. Those are My Knees Knocking!Shop291015254080210
Where are We Going on this Raft? Straight Down!Shop301015254080210
Gee, We Could Be Stuck Here for Years!Shop311015254080210
One False Move and I'll Shoot!Shop321015254080210
Where'd Everybody Go?Shop331015254080210
I Wonder What the Skipper Had in Mind with This?Shop341015254080210
I Don't Know What I'd Do without You, but I'd Love to Try!Shop351015254080210
I'm a Witch Doctor Making a House Call!Shop361015254080210
Gilligan to the Rescue! Don't Bother. Oh No! We've Got Enough Troubles Right Now.Shop371015254080210
Can You See Anything? Yeah, the Back of Your Head!Shop381015254080210
What a Crazy Time to Gargle!Shop391015254080210
Only an Idiot Would Fly this Plane! Happy Landing Skipper!Shop401015254080210
Why'd I Have to be Stuck on the Same Island with You? I guess You're Just Lucky!Shop411015254080210
Anyone for a Showdown?Shop421015254080210
Aw Come On, Stick 'em Up!Shop431015254080210
Uh-oh, the Skipper Stepped in My Animal Trap!Shop441015254080210
They'll Never Find ME in this Poison Ivy!Shop451015254080210
I'm Starting My Own Fan Club!Shop461015254080210
I Think I'm Losing My Mind! Don't Worry! You'll Never Miss It!Shop471015254080210
Who's the Wise Guy Who Said "Go Jumo in the Lake"?Shop481015254080210
It's Time You Learned Something About Sailing! I think it's TimeI Learned Something About Swimming.Shop491015254080210
Let Me at him! Let Me at Him!Shop501015254080210
I'm the Brains of this Outfit!Shop511015254080210
I'm Plane Crazy about Flying!Shop521015254080210
I Shouldn't have made a Hole in the Boat to Let the Water Out!Shop531015254080210
I Think I'm Seasick, When We're Stuck in the Sand?Shop541015254080210
The CastawaysShop552040651504001000
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Notes about 1965 Topps Gilligan's Island

A PSA NM-MT 8 #55 (The Castaways) sold for $654 in 2008
A PSA Mint 9 #39 (What a Crazy Time to Gargle) sold for $1,315 in 2012
A PSA Mint 9 #10 (You First) sold for $538 in 2012

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