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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1964 Beatles Movie A Hard Day's Night

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 510152550100
There Were Always SpectatorsShop11015304580175
All the Boys Proved to SkepticsShop2510152550100
The Beatles Leave the Studio SetsShop3510152550100
Here's a Close-Up of Geroge HarrisonShop4510152550100
John Lennon and George Harrison ChatShop5510152550100
Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr PoseShop6510152550100
Don’t'Get ExcitedShop7510152550100
Candid Snapshot - George Harrison Speaks to a Sound TechnicianShop8510152550100
Paul Gets to the Dance with the Young ActressShop9510152550100
Ringo Starr is Having a One-Way conversation with HimselfShop10510152550100
Paul is Snapped in a Reflective MoodShop11510152550100
Ringo Gets Some Last Minute InstructionShop12510152550100
Quiet on the SetShop13510152550100
look Out, because here comes another Beatle!Shop14510152550100
Here's One of the Wildest ScenesShop15510152550100
It's Early in the Morning and Most People are Still Asleep..But Not the Beatles!Shop16510152550100
Ringo Starr Speaks to a Young AdmirerShop17510152550100
George, John, Paul and Ringo Get Some Last Minute InstructionsShop18510152550100
Paul's Grandfather is the VillainShop19510152550100
Who is the man in the Beard?Shop20510152550100
One of the Funniest sequences in A Hard Days Night with Paul and His GrandfatherShop22510152550100
Here Comes the Big Fight SceneShop23510152550100
Paul Gets a Call from his Song Publisher on the SetShop24510152550100
Ringo Takes a Coffee Break on the SetShop25510152550100
The Final Chore for the Boys was to Make a TrailerShop26510152550100
Paul, Ringo ans George are Getting Ready to Shoot their Favorite SceneShop27510152550100
Ringo Looks A Little Unhappy According to the ScriptShop28510152550100
Ringo Starr is in Trouble with the Police… but Only in the MovieShop29510152550100
The Beatles Get their Famous Hair Comber Just Before the Day's ShootingShop30510152550100
Meet the BeatlesShop31510152550100
In A Hard Day's Night, Ringo Starr disappears, and the 3 Beatles are FranticShop32510152550100
John Lennon Gets Ideas for New Song Almost EverywhereShop33510152550100
Beatle Geroge Harrison Poses for a Publicity ShotShop34510152550100
Beatle Geroge Harrison Takes a Welcome BreakShop35510152550100
Paul McCartney is on a Train in this SceneShop36510152550100
Paul McCartney, in his Movie Debut, is Dressed as a London BankerShop37510152550100
In the Beatles' First Movie Ringo Starr Makes his Film DebutShop38510152550100
The Beatles are Onstage in the Scala Theatre in Soho Performing Can't Buy Me LoveShop39510152550100
John, Paul, George and Ringo are Getting Set to Run Throguh the Title Song from their MovieShop40510152550100
In this Scene from A Hard Day's Night, it is Just Before The Beatles are to Appear on a Live Television ShowShop41510152550100
Movie Grandfather John McCartney is Going to Work on Ringo to Try to Split Up the GroupShop42510152550100
John Lennon has met Paul's Grandfather for the First Time in Their Train CompartmentShop43510152550100
Paul McCartney has his Eye on his Grandfather in this SceneShop44510152550100
A Hard Day's Night Starring the Beatles, Presents a Fictional Adventure of 36 Hours in the Lives of the Liverpool FourShop45510152550100
Ringo Starr has Quit the Beatles!Shop46510152550100
Which one is the Real Beatle?Shop47510152550100
Popular Beatle John Lennon poses for Publicity Shots for the Beatles' First Motion Picture, A Hard Day's NightShop48510152550100
The Beatles are Actors Now and They Mug it Up for the Cameras During a Shooting BreakShop49510152550100
Here Come All Four Beatles on the Dead RunShop50510152550100
Beatle George Harrison relaxes in His Dressing Room Waiting for the Word to Begin the Next SceneShop51510152550100
PaulMcCartney Holds a Clapboard on the SetShop52510152550100
In this Scene from A Hard Day's Night, Paul, John, George and Ringo Open Fan Mail and relax in their Hotel SuiteShop53510152550100
The Beatles are On Stage During a Live telivison Show Performig Several of Their NumbersShop54510152550100
The Beatles Board A TrainShop551015304580175
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