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1964 Beatles Color Non-Sports Cards from the PSA SMR Price Guide. Articles, prices, and auctions for cards in the 1964 Beatles Color set.

Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1964 Beatles Color

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 51015304590
John LennonShop11015255090175
Paul McCartneyShop21015255090175
George HarrisonShop31015255090175
Ringo StarrShop41015255090175
John, Paul,George, Ringo/Question, John SpeakingShop551015304590
John, Paul, George, Ringo/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop651015304590
George and Paul/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop751015304590
Paul/Question, George SpeakingShop851015304590
Ringo and John/Question, Paul SpeakingShop951015304590
John/Question, John SpeakingShop1051015304590
George/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop1151015304590
John, Pauland Ringo/Question, John SpeakingShop1251015304590
john and Paul/Question, Paul SpeakingShop1351015304590
John/Question, George SpeakingShop1451015304590
John, Paul, George and Ringo/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop1551015304590
Ringo, Paul and John/Question, John SpeakingShop1651015304590
Ringo, George, John and Paul/Question, George SpeakingShop1751015304590
Ringo, George, John and Paul/Question, George SpeakingShop1851015304590
John/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop1951015304590
Ringo/Question, John SpeakingShop2051015304590
George, John, Ringo and Paul/Question, Paul SpeakingShop2151015304590
Paul, George, John and Ringo/Question, Geroge SpeakingShop2251015304590
John, Paul and Ringo/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop2351015304590
John, Ringo and Paul/Question, John SpeakingShop2451015304590
John, Paul, Ringo and John/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop2551015304590
George/Question, Paul SpeakingShop2651015304590
Paul, Ringo and John/Question, Paul SpeakingShop2751015304590
Ringo/Question, George SpeakingShop2851015304590
Paul, John, Young Boy and Ringo/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop2951015304590
Paul, George, John and Ringo/Question, Paul SpeakingShop3051015304590
Ringo, George, John and Paul/Question, George SpeakingShop3151015304590
John,Dog and Ringo/Question, John SpeakingShop3251015304590
Ringo, Geroge, John and Paul/Question, John SpeakingShop3351015304590
Paul, John and Ringo/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop3451015304590
Paul, Ringo, George and John/Question, George SpeakingShop3551015304590
Paul, John, George and Ringo/Question, Paul SpeakingShop3651015304590
Paul, George and John/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop3751015304590
Paul/Question, John SpeakingShop3851015304590
John and George/Question, John SpeakingShop3951015304590
John, Ringo and Paul/Question, Pauol SpeakingShop4051015304590
Paul/Question, Paul SpeakingShop4151015304590
Ringo, John and Paul/Question, George SpeakingShop4251015304590
Paul, Ringo, John and George/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop4351015304590
Paul, George and John/Question, John SpeakingShop4451015304590
Ringo/Question, Paul SpeakingShop4551015304590
Paul, George, John and Ringo/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop4651015304590
Ringo and John/Question, John SpeakingShop4751015304590
Ringo , John and Paul/Question, Geroge SpeakingShop4851015304590
Paul/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop4951015304590
Paul, George and Ringo/Question, John SpeakingShop5051015304590
Paul and Ringo/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop5151015304590
Ringo, Paul and John/Question, Paul SpeakingShop5251015304590
Ringo, Paul, John and George/Question, Paul SpeakingShop5351015304590
Paul and Ringo/Question, John SpeakingShop5451015304590
Paul, Ringo, George and John/Question, John SpeakingShop5551015304590
Ringo/Paul SpeakingShop5651015304590
Paul, Ringo and John/Question, John SpeakingShop5751015304590
Ringo and Paul/Question, George SpeakingShop5851015304590
John, Paul and Ringo/Question, Ringo SpeakingShop5951015304590
John, Ringo and Paul/Question, Paul SpeakingShop6051015304590
Paul, George, John and Ringo/Question, Paul SpeakingShop6151015304590
John, Paul, Ringo and George/Question, Paul SpeakingShop6251015304590
Geroge and John/Question, Paul SpeakingShop6351015304590
Ringo, Paul, JohnShop641015255090175
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