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1964 Beatles Black and White Series 3 Non-Sports Cards from the PSA SMR Price Guide. Articles, prices, and auctions for cards in the 1964 Beatles Black and White Series 3 set.

Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1964 Beatles Black and White Series 3

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 51014203260
John LennonShop1161216253865150
Paul McCartneyShop11751014203260
Paul McCartneyShop11851014203260
Paul McCartneyShop11951014203260
Paul McCartneyShop12051014203260
Paul McCartneyShop12151014203260
Paul McCartneyShop12251014203260
Paul McCartneyShop12351014203260
George HarrisonShop12451014203260
John LennonShop12551014203260
Paul McCartneyShop12651014203260
Paul McCartneyShop12751014203260
John LennonShop12851014203260
Paul McCartneyShop12951014203260
George HarrisonShop13051014203260
Ringo StarrShop13151014203260
John LennonShop13251014203260
George HarrisonShop13351014203260
John LennonShop13451014203260
John LennonShop13551014203260
Ringo StarrShop13651014203260
George HarrisonShop13751014203260
Ringo StarrShop13851014203260
John LennonShop13951014203260
Paul McCartneyShop14051014203260
Ringo StarrShop14151014203260
John LennonShop14251014203260
George HarrisonShop14351014203260
George HarrisonShop14451014203260
John LennonShop14551014203260
Paul McCartneyShop14651014203260
George HarrisonShop14751014203260
John LennonShop14851014203260
Ringo StarrShop14951014203260
Ringo StarrShop15051014203260
John LennonShop15151014203260
John LennonShop15251014203260
George HarrisonShop15351014203260
Ringo StarrShop15451014203260
George HarrisonShop15551014203260
George HarrisonShop15651014203260
John LennonShop15751014203260
Ringo StarrShop15851014203260
Ringo StarrShop15951014203260
Paul McCartneyShop16051014203260
Paul McCartneyShop16151014203260
Ringo StarrShop16251014203260
John LennonShop16351014203260
Paul McCartneyShop16451014203260
George HarrisonShop1651216253865150
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