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1964 Beatles Black and White Series 2 Non-Sports Cards from the PSA SMR Price Guide. Articles, prices, and auctions for cards in the 1964 Beatles Black and White Series 2 set.

Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1964 Beatles Black and White Series 2

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 612203260115
John LennonShop6115254570125250
Paul McCartneyShop62612203260115
Ringo StarrShop63612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop64612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop65612203260115
George HarrisonShop66612203260115
John LennonShop67612203260115
George HarrisonShop68612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop69612203260115
Ringo StarrShop70612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop71612203260115
George HarrisonShop72612203260115
John LennonShop73612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop74612203260115
John LennonShop75612203260115
Ringo StarrShop76612203260115
John LennonShop77612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop78612203260115
George HarrisonShop79612203260115
Ringo StarrShop80612203260115
John LennonShop81612203260115
George HarrisonShop82612203260115
George HarrisonShop83612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop84612203260115
John LennonShop85612203260115
Ringo StarrShop86612203260115
George HarrisonShop87612203260115
John LennonShop88612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop89612203260115
Ringo StarrShop90612203260115
George HarrisonShop91612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop92612203260115
Ringo StarrShop93612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop94612203260115
Ringo StarrShop95612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop96612203260115
John LennonShop97612203260115
Ringo StarrShop98612203260115
John LennonShop99612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop100612203260115
John LennonShop101612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop102612203260115
George HarrisonShop103612203260115
John LennonShop104612203260115
John LennonShop105612203260115
George HarrisonShop106612203260115
John LennonShop107612203260115
George HarrisonShop108612203260115
Paul McCartneyShop109612203260115
John LennonShop110612203260115
George HarrisonShop111612203260115
Ringo StarrShop112612203260115
Ringo StarrShop113612203260115
Ringo StarrShop114612203260115
Ringo StarrShop11515254570125250
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