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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1963 Topps Astronauts 3-D

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 510152550100
Picking the Astronaut TeamShop110203065125250
Floating AstronautsShop2510152550100
Testing the ChimpsShop3510152550100
In OrbitShop4510152550100
Space ExplorersShop6510152550100
The Seven AstronautsShop7510152550100
Takeoff InspectionShop8510152550100
Training the AstronautShop9510152550100
Astronaut Alan ShepardShop10510152550100
The First U.S. AstronautShop11510152550100
Awaiting the TakeoffShop12510152550100
Shepard in SpaceShop13510152550100
Picking Up ShepardShop14510152550100
Successful RecoveryShop15510152550100
Carrying the CapsuleShop16510152550100
Back from SpaceShop17510152550100
Astronaut Virgil GrissomShop18510152550100
Reporting New InformationShop19510152550100
Spacesuit CheckupShop20510152550100
Grissom in SpacesuitShop21510152550100
Putting on a Space HelmetShop22510152550100
Putting on His ParachuteShop23510152550100
Grissom in Pressure SuitShop24510152550100
Final Check-upShop25510152550100
Grissom Awaits CountdownShop26510152550100
Grissom Gets ReadyShop27510152550100
Second U.S. SpacemenShop28510152550100
Grissom Blasts OffShop29510152550100
Grissom in SpaceShop30510152550100
Mercury Atlas 4Shop31510152550100
Astronaut John GlennShop32510152550100
Glenn and the F-106Shop33510152550100
Space HeroShop34510152550100
Glenn and GrissomShop35510152550100
Taking a BreakShop36510152550100
Rest Day for GlennShop37510152550100
Getting in the SuitShop38510152550100
Checking his SuitShop39510152550100
Inside the Test ChamberShop40510152550100
Glenn in TrainingShop41510152550100
Posing for PhotographersShop42510152550100
Studying His MapsShop43510152550100
Before Glenn's TakeoffShop44510152550100
Glennin SpaceShop45510152550100
First Man in OrbitShop46510152550100
Glenn Meets the PresidentShop47510152550100
Our First SpacemenShop48510152550100
Astronaut CarpenterShop49510152550100
Carpenter Checks His SuitShop50510152550100
Astronaut Donald SlaytonShop51510152550100
Astronaut Gordon CooperShop52510152550100
Astronaut Walter SchirraShop53510152550100
Astronauts in Flight SuitsShop54510152550100
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Notes about 1963 Topps Astronauts 3-D

A PSA Gem Mint 10 #3 (Testing the Chimps) sold for $359 in 2012

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