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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1960 Casper the Ghost

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 3510204080
I Always Wanted to Go Overseas!Shop110153060100225
It's Better Fishing Here!Shop23510204080
Gee! The Modern Art Is Real CrazyShop33510204080
Hickory, Dickory…Sock!Shop43510204080
There's Always Room for One More!Shop53510204080
Whoops! I'm Being taken to the Cleaners!Shop63510204080
Golly! I Feel All Washed Out!Shop73510204080
Golly! I'm Losing My Noodles!Shop83510204080
Katnip, You're Going to the Dogs!Shop93510204080
Shocking, Isn't It?Shop103510204080
I See Myself Coming and Going!Shop113510204080
I'll Bet Painters Wish They Could Do This!Shop123510204080
Ulp!...I Hope He's a Good Skate!Shop133510204080
Tee-Hee…Just Don't Sneeze!Shop143510204080
I Wonder How I look!Shop153510204080
I Don't Carry Any Weight Around Here!Shop163510204080
Hey! Here's Another DumbbellShop173510204080
Duh! They Don't Build Cars Like They Used to!Shop183510204080
Now I Can See the Hole Game!Shop193510204080
I'll Be an Octopus Could Really have Fun!Shop203510204080
Who-o-o's Scaring Who-o-o?Shop213510204080
Fan-tastic, Isn't It?Shop223510204080
Now, Papa, Can I Feed You?Shop233510204080
I Never Saw a Fish Like That!Shop243510204080
Duh! Take Me to Your Leader!Shop253510204080
If Dad Wants Coffee, We're Sunk!Shop273510204080
It May Be Cheese, But It Smells Like Trouble!Shop283510204080
Ohhh! I Got a Code in My Node!Shop293510204080
Okay, Boss, When Do We Eat?Shop303510204080
Keep Pouring,He's Gaining on Us!Shop313510204080
Gee, This Sandwich Must Weigh a Ton!Shop323510204080
Have a bang-Up Birthday Katnip!Shop333510204080
This Is a Muc Better Way!Shop343510204080
Now If You Were Only Here in Person…Shop353510204080
I Had to Tell You This in Person!Shop363510204080
Duh! Who's a Bubblehead?Shop373510204080
Papa, Are You Sure This is the Right Train?Shop383510204080
If You're So Smart, You Try It!Shop393510204080
And the Weatherman Said No Showers!Shop403510204080
After This, Let's Swing on a Star!Shop413510204080
This Gun is really Loaded!Shop423510204080
This Beats Digging Any Day!Shop433510204080
If this Works I'll Make a MillionShop443510204080
Babe Ruth Never Had This Trouble!Shop453510204080
I'm So Happy, I'm Walking on Air!Shop463510204080
Duh! Nuts- to Everyone!Shop473510204080
Look! No hands!Shop483510204080
Hot Dog! What an Idea!Shop493510204080
I Just Hope It Doesn't RainShop503510204080
Is There a Plumber in the House?Shop513510204080
Gosh, I Thought I Had a TowelShop523510204080
What a Whale of a Fishtale!Shop533510204080
Gee, Fellas, Where Are You?Shop543510204080
Yum-Yum! Tooty-Frooty!Shop553510204080
Let Me Introduce Myself…Shop563510204080
Yum! Katnip, You Have Good Taste!Shop573510204080
The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall!Shop583510204080
Now, I Know How It's Done!Shop593510204080
Gee, I'd Better Get Off That Diet!Shop603510204080
Golly! It Went Right Through Me!Shop613510204080
A Ghost Is A Dog's Best Friend!Shop623510204080
Boym They're Sure Snapping Today!Shop633510204080
Grr, Scat Cat!Shop643510204080
Try It Again, It Doesn’t Hurt!Shop653510204080
I Told Him Not to Follow Me!Shop6610153060100225
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