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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1958 Topps Zorro

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 512203560130
Diego the SwordsmanShop2512203560130
Flashing BladesShop3512203560130
Friendly EnemiesShop4512203560130
Bad NewsShop5512203560130
The Evil SchemeShop6512203560130
Soldier and ScholarShop7512203560130
Garcia's WarningShop8512203560130
Diego's HomecomingShop9512203560130
Faithful BernardoShop10512203560130
Reign of TerrorShop11512203560130
Diego's DecisionShop12512203560130
Fighter for JusticeShop13512203560130
Ready to StrikeShop14512203560130
Garcia's ChoiceShop15512203560130
Garcia Gets a BathShop16512203560130
"You Shall be Freeā€¦"Shop17512203560130
Surprise MeetingShop18512203560130
Zorro's PrisonerShop19512203560130
Diego the WeaklingShop20512203560130
The QuestionShop21512203560130
Challenge for DiegoShop22512203560130
Diego's DefeatShop23512203560130
Diego Meets "Zorro"Shop24512203560130
The Capitan's TriumphShop25512203560130
The HostagesShop26512203560130
"Help Us, Diego"Shop27512203560130
The ExecutionShop28512203560130
Full GallopShop29512203560130
The RescueShop30512203560130
Locked SwordsShop31512203560130
"After Him"Shop32512203560130
Fierce BattleShop33512203560130
Three Against ZorroShop34512203560130
Bombarding SoldiersShop35512203560130
Trapping ZorroShop36512203560130
Zorro's VictimShop37512203560130
Unleashed FurryShop38512203560130
Stop ZorroShop39512203560130
Flight to FreedomShop40512203560130
Daring LeapShop41512203560130
"You Fat Fool!"Shop43512203560130
The Capitan's DemandShop44512203560130
"I'll Get Torres"Shop45512203560130
Ruthless PlanShop46512203560130
The SearchShop47512203560130
Cruel TyrantShop48512203560130
The ThreatShop49512203560130
Work SlaveShop50512203560130
Merciless BeatingShop51512203560130
Fearful SightShop52512203560130
A Ghost StoryShop53512203560130
The AvengerShop54512203560130
Enter ZorroShop55512203560130
Weird NoisesShop56512203560130
The Ghost StrikesShop57512203560130
Forced RestShop58512203560130
Storm of ArrowsShop59512203560130
A Father's ShameShop60512203560130
The ArgumentShop61512203560130
Trouble AheadShop62512203560130
Talk, Coward!Shop63512203560130
Dangerous MissionShop64512203560130
Saving AlejandroShop65512203560130
A;ejandro's EscapeShop66512203560130
The ClueShop67512203560130
Sgt. Garcia's LancersShop68512203560130
Fight for LifeShop69512203560130
Cruel SportsShop70512203560130
Zorro's RageShop71512203560130
"Mercy, Zorro"Shop72512203560130
Alejandro and ZorroShop73512203560130
Race Against TimeShop74512203560130
The ChaseShop75512203560130
The FoxShop76512203560130
Quick EchangeShop77512203560130
Diego the TroubadorShop78512203560130
The Capitan's VowShop79512203560130
Ralaxing with GarciaShop80512203560130
Careful SergeantShop81512203560130
Diego's GuestsShop82512203560130
Rude AwakeningShop83512203560130
Zorro and TornadoShop84512203560130
Rawhide DuelShop85512203560130
The Blade of ZorroShop86512203560130
Strange DiscoveryShop87512203560130
Man of MysteryShop8815355580150400
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Notes about 1958 Topps Zorro

A PSA Mint 9 #59 (Storm of Arrows) sold or $478 in 2012
A PSA Mint 9 #24 (Diego Meets Zorro) sold for $388 in 2012

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