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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1958 Topps T.V. Western

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 48152445100
James ArnessShop11020326095200
Dennis WeaverShop248152445100
Doc and MattShop348152445100
Man of JusticeShop448152445100
Chester and KittyShop548152445100
Advice from DocShop648152445100
Ready to RideShop748152445100
Danger AheadShop848152445100
Matt in ActionShop948152445100
Quick on the DrawShop1148152445100
Deadly AimShop1248152445100
Happy PrisonerShop1348152445100
Dodge City SocialShop1448152445100
Tall and Tough TrackdownShop1548152445100
Robert Culp as Hoby GilmanShop1648152445100
Search for CluesShop1748152445100
Surprise VisitShop1848152445100
Fierce BattleShop1948152445100
The PursuitShop2048152445100
Steve McQueenShop2148152445100
Josh's WeaponShop2248152445100
The Bounty SeekerShop2348152445100
Difficult TaskShop2448152445100
Man Hunter PaladinShop2548152445100
Richard BooneShop2648152445100
Dangerous FoeShop2748152445100
Fighting the MobShop2848152445100
Running BattleShop2948152445100
Paladin Takes AimShop3048152445100
The GentlemenShop3148152445100
Indian Trouble Yancy DerringerShop3248152445100
Jock MahoneyShop3348152445100
Yancy the GamblerShop3448152445100
Tense MomentsShop3548152445100
Unexpected GuestShop3648152445100
Pahoo Ka Ta WahShop3748152445100
The SignalShop3848152445100
Yancy's PersuaderShop3948152445100
Yancy and Pahoo Union PacificShop4048152445100
Jeff Morrow as Bart McCellanShop4148152445100
Bart Takes OverShop4248152445100
On PatrolShop4348152445100
Gail and BartShop4448152445100
Bart's ProblemShop4548152445100
Ward BondShop4648152445100
Robert HortonShop4748152445100
The WarningShop4848152445100
Scouting MissionShop4948152445100
Gun FightShop5048152445100
Looking Ahead The Restless GunShop5148152445100
John PayneShop5248152445100
On the MoveShop5348152445100
Vint the GunmanShop5448152445100
The Fastest GunShop5548152445100
Street Battle tales of Wells FargoShop5648152445100
Dale RobertsonShop5748152445100
Trouble ShooterShop5848152445100
Jim Senses TroubleShop5948152445100
Rugged RiderShop6048152445100
Protection PlanShop6148152445100
Alert for ActionShop6248152445100
Guarding the Gold Boots and SaddlesShop6348152445100
Jack PickardShop6448152445100
Call to ActionShop6548152445100
Luke Cummings the Indian ScoutShop6648152445100
Apache CombatShop6748152445100
Charge! The CaliforniansShop6848152445100
Dick Coogan as Matt WayneShop6948152445100
Fight for JusticeShop7048152445100
Ready for a jobShop711020326095200
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