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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1958 Topps Target Moon

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 48152445100
Sputnik IShop110203260100200
Dog in Sputnik IIShop248152445100
Launching U.S. SatellitesShop348152445100
Recovering the RocketShop448152445100
Sputnik DescendingShop548152445100
Three Stage RocketShop648152445100
Targtet: MoonShop748152445100
Robot Nears MoonShop848152445100
Radio TelescopeShop948152445100
Space Flight HeadquartersShop1048152445100
Testing a Space PilotShop1148152445100
Briefing for Space FlightShop1248152445100
Space SuitShop1348152445100
Preparing for FlightShop1448152445100
Zero HourShop1548152445100
Strapped Down for TakeoffShop1648152445100
Rocket BlastoffShop1748152445100
Heading for Outer SpaceShop1848152445100
Diagram of SpaceshipShop1948152445100
No Gravity!Shop2048152445100
Space Checker GameShop2148152445100
Space's Practical JokeShop2248152445100
Meteor PerilShop2348152445100
If Meteor Hit New YorkShop2448152445100
Space AcrobatShop2548152445100
Flying PracticeShop2648152445100
Fixing Meteor DamageShop2748152445100
Sunset on the EarthShop2848152445100
50 Miles to the MoonShop2948152445100
Preparing to LandShop3048152445100
Moon LandingShop3148152445100
Rocket Jet HeartShop3248152445100
First Men on the MoonShop3348152445100
Moon ExplorersShop3448152445100
Lunar Scoutng PatrolShop3548152445100
Conquest of the MoonShop3648152445100
High Jumping on the MoonShop3748152445100
It's Easy - on the Moon!Shop3848152445100
Trapped in Meteor ShowerShop3948152445100
Lunar CraterShop4048152445100
Famed Copernicus CraterShop4148152445100
Moon HutsShop4248152445100
Moon Surveying SquadShop4348152445100
Moon Mountain ClimbingShop4448152445100
Photographing Moon CratersShop4548152445100
Collecting Minerals on the MoonShop4648152445100
Lunar MistsShop4748152445100
Lunar ExplosionsShop4848152445100
Palomar ObservatoryShop4948152445100
Enjoying EarthshineShop5048152445100
Eclipse of the EarthShop5148152445100
Working in SpaceShop5248152445100
Space Supply DepotShop5348152445100
Assembling Supply DepotShop5448152445100
Supplies of for Moon PioneersShop5548152445100
Solar GeneratorsShop5648152445100
Lunar AirplantShop5748152445100
Lunar CityShop5848152445100
Gymnastics on the MoonShop5948152445100
Lunar Lookout PostShop6048152445100
Farming on the MoonShop6148152445100
Moon TrainsShop6248152445100
Space Message CenterShop6348152445100
Lunar SpaceportShop6448152445100
Chasing CometsShop6548152445100
Heading HomeShop6648152445100
Return on EarthShop6748152445100
Outer Space StationShop6848152445100
Takeoff for Other PlanetsShop6948152445100
Refueling Interplanet ShipShop7048152445100
Venus Dust StormsShop7148152445100
Mysterious MarsShop7248152445100
Martian LandscapeShop7348152445100
Martian Dust StormShop7448152445100
Martian Air BaseShop7548152445100
Visit to MercuryShop7648152445100
Mercury's Amazing ClimateShop7748152445100
Studying the Sun's SurfaceShop7848152445100
Melting in the Sun's HeatShop7948152445100
Exploring JupiterShop8048152445100
Jupiter's TerrainShop8148152445100
Hurricane on JupiterShop8248152445100
View of SaturnShop8348152445100
Spectacular SaturnShop8448152445100
Saturn's RingsShop8548152445100
Pluto- The Coldest PlanetShop8648152445100
Discovering a New SunShop8748152445100
Life on Other PlanetsShop8810203260100200
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