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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1953 Bowman Firefighters

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 813213260120
Modern Fire EngineShop11220326090200
Modern Hook and LadderShop2813213260120
Modern Pumping EngineShop3813213260120
Airport Crash TruckShop4813213260120
Modern Fire Department AmbulanceShop5813213260120
Modern Rescue TruckShop6813213260120
Modern Quadruple CombinationShop7813213260120
Modern Hook and LadderShop8813213260120
Ward La France 3-Stage "Booster"Shop9813213260120
Modern General Service TruckShop10813213260120
Modern Pumping EngineShop11813213260120
Modern Pumping EngineShop12813213260120
Modern Hook and LadderShop13813213260120
Pumper-Hook and Ladder CombinationShop14813213260120
Modern Hook and LadderShop15813213260120
Engine-Searchlight CombinationShop16813213260120
Engine-propelled Steam Fire EngineShop17813213260120
Modern Searchlight WagonShop18813213260120
Modern QuadrupleShop19813213260120
Modern Quadruple CombinationShop20813213260120
1912 Knox CombinationShop21813213260120
Knox Chief's Car - 1916Shop22813213260120
1901 Searchlight UnitShop23813213260120
1912 - Pumping EngineShop24813213260120
1912 - Pumping EngineShop25813213260120
1916 Fire PatrolShop26813213260120
1918 Hook and Ladder TruckShop27813213260120
1914 Knox CombinationShop28813213260120
1911 Self-propelled Steam EngineShop29813213260120
Water Tower -1900Shop30813213260120
1925 Hose and Chemical CombinationShop31813213260120
Modern Pumping CombinationShop32813213260120
Modern High Pressure Fog UnitShop33813213260120
Modern Pumping EngineShop34813213260120
1923 Service Ladder TruckShop35813213260120
1925 Chemical TruckShop36813213260120
1848 - Hand Operated EngineShop37813213260120
Modern FireboatShop38813213260120
Modern Crash TruckShop39813213260120
1926 Motorcycle Fire EngineShop40813213260120
1922 Triple CombinationShop41813213260120
1923 - Hose CartShop42813213260120
1925 Triple CombinationShop43813213260120
Modern Rescue TruckShop44813213260120
1938 - CombinationShop45813213260120
Modern Fire BoatShop46813213260120
Modern Rescue Truck and PumperShop47813213260120
1850 "Squirrel Tail" EngineShop48813213260120
Smoke EjectorShop49813213260120
Modern Hook and LadderShop50813213260120
1935 Double CombinationShop51813213260120
Horse Drawn Steam EngineShop52813213260120
Modern Triple CombinationShop53813213260120
Modern Special ApparatusShop54813213260120
Modern Triple CombinationShop55813213260120
Modern Rescue TruckShop56813213260120
Modern Fire BoatShop57813213260120
Modern Fire BoatShop58813213260120
Modern Triple CombinationShop59813213260120
1924 Hook and LadderShop60813213260120
1925 Pumping EngineShop61813213260120
1932 Hook and LadderShop62813213260120
Modern Pumping EngineShop63813213260120
1939 Pumping EngineShop641220326090200
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