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Prices as of: 4/1/2014
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1935 Gum, Inc. R89 Mickey Mouse

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Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 102045+120+280+600+
Let's Make Hoop-ee!Shop1102045+120+280+600+
It's Raining Cats and Dogs!Shop2102045+120+280+600+
Fleas, Go 'Way and Let Me Sleep!Shop3102045+120+280+600+
Watch! It's a Snap!Shop4102045+120+280+600+
Looks Funny When She Knits, Doesn't She? Suppose She's a Knit-Wit?Shop5102045+120+280+600+
Let It Bee, Pluto! Let It Bee!!Shop6102045+120+280+600+
Bad Stew Mickey! Stew Bad Minnie!Shop7102045+120+280+600+
Just Ironing Out Some of Mickey's Difficulties!Shop8102045+120+280+600+
Uncle Walt Told Me Take a Walk and I'm Doing It!Shop9102045+120+280+600+
That Horse-Shoe Is Certainly a Ringer for Mickey!Shop10102045+120+280+600+
Likes That Target, Doesn't He! Mickey's Just Stuck on That Target!Shop11102045+120+280+600+
What Are They Reading? It's All Foreign to Me!Shop12102045+120+280+600+
Am I Lucky! Look!! - a Four-Leaf Clover!Shop13102045+120+280+600+
Mickey Is Sure Making a Name for Himself!Shop14102045+120+280+600+
A Letter on a fan? Certainly! Mickey Loves to Get Fan Mail!Shop15102045+120+280+600+
Look! He's All Wrapped Up in His Work!Shop16102045+120+280+600+
Look! Free Wheeling!Shop17102045+120+280+600+
That's a Lot of Oil, Mickey! Take It! You'll Feel Better!Shop18102045+120+280+600+
The Line Is Busy!Shop19102045+120+280+600+
A Boy Scout? Sure I Do a Good Turn Daily!Shop20102045+120+280+600+
He's Sure a Handy Man Around the Mouse!Shop21102045+120+280+600+
My! What Pig Eyes You Have!Shop22102045+120+280+600+
That's an Awful Blow to Me, Mickey!Shop23102045+120+280+600+
You Sure Turned the Tables on Me That Time, Pluto!Shop24102045+120+280+600+
You Hit the Nail Right on the Head Mickey! Pon My Sole It Needs Fixing!Shop25102045+120+280+600+
Just Pup-Posing!Shop26102045+120+280+600+
That Camel Walks a mile for Mickey!Shop27102045+120+280+600+
I Blow Such Nice Sounds Into It! But Such Awful Sounds Come Out.Shop28102045+120+280+600+
Here's a Dandelion I Pulled For You! You Always Pull a Dandy Line for Me!Shop29102045+120+280+600+
You Sound Like A Pig Mickey!Shop30102045+120+280+600+
Feeling Dippy, Mickey? Let's Go in for a Dip!Shop31102045+120+280+600+
Can Mickey Play? No, But He Can Carry a Tune!Shop32102045+120+280+600+
Do You Belong to Any Mickey Mouse Clubs? No, But These Mickey Mouse Clubs Belong to Me!!Shop33102045+120+280+600+
Pluto Smells a Trap!Shop34102045+120+280+600+
You Can't Make a Monkey Out of Me!Shop35102045+120+280+600+
Whoooo You. OooShop36102045+120+280+600+
Soda Pup?Shop37102045+120+280+600+
Look! Mickey's in a Row with Minnie!Shop38102045+120+280+600+
Are You the Engineer? No, This Is the Engine 'ere!Shop39102045+120+280+600+
That Face Sure Looks Familiar to Me!Shop40102045+120+280+600+
I'll Give You A Licking for This Kitty! I'm Taking My Licking Now!Shop41102045+120+280+600+
Oh! So You're Egging Me On!Shop42102045+120+280+600+
Dynamite Expodes! Pluto Might Too!Shop43102045+120+280+600+
Food Comes Pretty High Nowadays! That's Over My Head Minnie!Shop44102045+120+280+600+
You're a Great Shot Mickey! You Hold Your End Up too, Pluto!Shop45102045+120+280+600+
Please Help the Poor! Poor Little Skunk! He Hasn't a Scent to His Name!Shop46102045+120+280+600+
Bee Gone!Shop47102045+120+280+600+
Service A La Carte!Shop48102045+120+280+600+
Crazy Trip Isn't It? Of Course! It's a Buggy Ride.Shop49102045+120+280+600+
Here Comes Minnie! Beat It, Mickey! Drum for Your Life!Shop50102045+120+280+600+
This Little Pig Went to Marl It.Shop51102045+120+280+600+
Playing ' Kitten on the Keys'? Just Kiddin on the Keys.Shop52102045+120+280+600+
This Is the End of Me!Shop53102045+120+280+600+
Lo Mickey. High Minnie.Shop54102045+120+280+600+
Look, He's All Keyed Up.Shop55102045+120+280+600+
Pluto Has Left, What Do You Say to That? Dog-GoneShop56102045+120+280+600+
They Got Toot-Aches.Shop57102045+120+280+600+
Look Mickey Foots the Bill.Shop58102045+120+280+600+
You're the Underdog Pluto. Sure But You Get Over Mickey.Shop59102045+120+280+600+
Look They're Coming to Blows.Shop60102045+120+280+600+
Dishes the Life.Shop61102045+120+280+600+
Like It Pluto? Yeh, But Don't Rub Me the Wrong Way.Shop62102045+120+280+600+
The Mail Must Go Through.Shop63102045+120+280+600+
I'm SO Hngry I Could Eat Like a Horse. Quick, Bring Her a Bucket of Oats.Shop64102045+120+280+600+
Guess I'll Knuckle' Down to Work.Shop65102045+120+280+600+
Sure There's Fish in Here.Shop66102045+120+280+600+
Is Minnie Taking A Screen Test? No, She's Taking a Scream Test!Shop67102045+120+280+600+
He's Sure the Cat's Me-ouse!Shop68102045+120+280+600+
Who Did This? I Cannot Tell a Lie I Did It with My Little Hatch-it!Shop69102045+120+280+600+
Mickey's Getting Something Hot off His Chest!Shop70102045+120+280+600+
Is That a Nickel? No! That's a Mickel!Shop71102045+120+280+600+
Mickey, the Bear-Back RiderShop72102045+120+280+600+
I'm Alive with Fleas. Don't Worry! Where There's Life There's Soap!Shop73102045+120+280+600+
Striking Fellow, Isn't He?Shop74102045+120+280+600+
Ah! Something's Stirring!Shop75102045+120+280+600+
He's Playing Them for Minnie! Certainly! They're Love Notes!Shop76102045+120+280+600+
You Can't Make It, Mickey! That Ice Is Cracked, That's an Ice Crack to Make, Minnie!Shop77102045+120+280+600+
How Do You Do It? What Do You Use? Look It's a Pipe!Shop78102045+120+280+600+
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Woof!Shop79102045+120+280+600+
Good Day, Juliet! Good Knight Romeo!Shop80102045+120+280+600+
Isn't He a Nice Skater? You Mean an Ice Skater!Shop81102045+120+280+600+
Let Me Run for the Doctor. Don't Make It a Quack Doctor, Minnie!Shop82102045+120+280+600+
I Churn Some Butter Every Day. Don't You Think I'm a Good Scout? Sure! You Do a Good Churn Daily!Shop83102045+120+280+600+
We're the Fife and Brum Corps!Shop84102045+120+280+600+
I Saw That Wood Yesterday. I Saw That Wood Now!Shop85102045+120+280+600+
Getting Purse-nal Horace?Shop86102045+120+280+600+
That Cat's Going to the Dog's! You Mean That Dog's Going to the Cat's!Shop87102045+120+280+600+
That's No Man! You're Right! That's Snow-Man!Shop88102045+120+280+600+
He Bought that Fife at the store for Ten Cents. Ah! Fife-and-Ten Cent Store!Shop89102045+120+280+600+
Sweet CardsShop90102045+120+280+600+
Birds in the Spring!Shop91102045+120+280+600+
People Like Uncle Walt, Don’t They, Mickey? Sure, He Naturally Draws People!Shop92102045+120+280+600+
Is That What You Do When You Get Angry?Sure I Stamp My Foot!Shop93102045+120+280+600+
Get Up! It's Dawn. Ah! Dawn on the Farm.Shop94102045+120+280+600+
Do You Get Paid for Doing That? Sure! I'm Drawing ' My Salary' Now!Shop95102045+120+280+600+
Look! Uncle Tom's CrabbinShop962040752005001500
S-o-o! You're a Wynndow Cleaner!Shop97102045+120+280+600+
It's an Honor to Have You Play in My Spectacle!Shop98102045+120+280+600+
Lo Mickey Marx! ' Hi, Groucho Mouse!Shop99102045+120+280+600+
How Do You Manage to Draw So Well, Mickey? Where There's a Will There's a Way.Shop100102045+120+280+600+
Am I Right on the Left Page, Mickey? Of Course But I'm Left on the Right Page.Shop101102045+120+280+600+
You Sure Made an Impression on Me.Shop102102045+120+280+600+
Life Is Just a Bowl of ChariotsShop103102045+120+280+600+
The Little Seizer.Shop104102045+120+280+600+
That's the Biggest Opening I've Ever Seen in Hollywood.Shop105102045+120+280+600+
My Best Picture Will Be Silent, Mickey… So- You Won't Talk eh!Shop106102045+120+280+600+
I Can't Get Mickey Off My MindShop107102045+120+280+600+
Blondells Prefer GentlemenShop108102045+120+280+600+
I'm Getting Off Something Big.Shop109102045+120+280+600+
Lip and Let Lip.Shop110102045+120+280+600+
A Dime for This? Yes, Ten Cents a TranceShop111102045+120+280+600+
O.K. Mickey More Powell to YouShop112102045+120+280+600+
So You're Leaving Me Flat? Yes, I'm Leaving You Flat!Shop113102045+120+280+600+
Doug Gone! He's Off AgainShop114102045+120+280+600+
You Can Be Had!Shop115102045+120+280+600+
So You're Putting on the High Hat, Eh? That's Over My Head, Mr. MenjouShop116102045+120+280+600+
Look Out I'm Going to Strike You! Ah! At Last I've Met My Match!Shop117102045+120+280+600+
Le'slee How Shall We Take This? Howard This Pose Do, Mickey?Shop118102045+120+280+600+
Swords Mad, Eh?Shop119102045+120+280+600+
Mickey - Handy for a LaughShop120102045+120+280+600+
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Notes about 1935 Gum, Inc. R89 Mickey Mouse

A PSA NM 7 #21 (Handy Man) sold for $300 in 2010
A PSA EX-MT 6 #21 (Handy Man) sold for $193 in 2011
A PSA NM-MT 8 #21 (Handy Man) sold for $575 in 2013
A PSA NM 7 #103 (Life is Just a Bowl of Chariots) sold for $1,500 in 2014
A PSA NM 7 #116 (So You're Putting on the High Hat, Eh?) sold for $1,260 in 2014

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