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1900 Cope's Golfers Golf Cards from the PSA SMR Price Guide. Articles, prices, and auctions for cards in the 1900 Cope's Golfers set.

Golf Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1900 Cope's Golfers

Card Number
VG 3
EX 5
NM 7
Commons - Real Player 1252253755757501250
Commons - Fictional Characters/Settings 60100150275475850
A Short PuttShop11252253755757501250
Tom Morris, Sr. (HOF) (R)Shop24507501000185030007500
Keep Your Eye On the BallShop360100150275475850
Sandy Smith (R)Shop41252253755757501250
An EnthusiastShop560100150275475850
A DriveShop660100150275475850
Missed The GlobeShop760100150275475850
A.J. BalfourShop815030045075012001800
Andrew Lang (R)Shop91252253755757501250
A Bad LieShop1060100150275475850
Old SchoolShop1160100150275475850
Allan Robertson (HOF) (R)Shop12250425750100017502750
Mr. CrawfordShop131252253755757501250
Fiery MusselburghShop1460100150275475850
A StymieShop1560100150275475850
An Anxious MomentShop1660100150275475850
The Tee ShotShop1760100150275475850
Delights Of A...Shop1860100150275475850
Charles I (R)Shop191252253755757501250
F.G. Tait (R)Shop2015030045075012001800
H.G. Hutchinson (R)Shop2115030045075012001800
J.H. Taylor (HOF) (R)Shop22250425750100017502750
A Duffer's StrokeShop2360100150275475850
Harold Hilton (HOF) (R)Shop24250425750100017502750
John Ball (HOF) (R)Shop25250425750100017502750
Tom Morris, Jr. (HOF) (R)Shop26300500850150022504500
J.E. LaidlayShop271252253755757501250
Professor TaitShop2815030045075012001800
The "Mashie"Shop2960100150275475850
New WomanShop3060100150275475850
The DufferShop3160100150275475850
Lady Margaret Scott (R)Shop321252253755757501250
A NoviceShop3560100150275475850
The Mystery of a BunkerShop3660100150275475850
A Long PuttShop3760100150275475850
John Taylor (HOF) (R)Shop38250425750100017502750
The Graces Of GolfShop4060100150275475850
The BrasseyShop4160100150275475850
The Parish MinisterShop4260100150275475850
Fore-War Cry...Shop4360100150275475850
The ParsonShop4460100150275475850
Elegancies Of GolfShop4560100150275475850
Alex Herd (R)Shop461252253755757501250
Duffers YetShop4760100150275475850
A Long SpoonShop4860100150275475850
Lord Stormonth Darling (R)Shop491252253755757501250
Lost BallShop5060110180275475850

Notes about 1900 Cope's Golfers

The "Narrow Cut" Variations do not command a premium.

* Editor's note: plus (+) beside a price indicates that the price has increased in the past month. A minus (-) beside the price indicates that price has decreased in the past month.