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1935 J.A. Pattreiouex (Sporting Events and Stars) Boxing Cards from the PSA SMR Price Guide. Articles, prices, and auctions for cards in the 1935 J.A. Pattreiouex (Sporting Events and Stars) set.

Boxing Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1935 J.A. Pattreiouex (Sporting Events and Stars)

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 1015203050
J.B. Hobbs (Cricket) (HOF)Shop11015203050
Don Bradman (Cricket) (HOF)Shop21015203050
Hedley Verity Rhodes (Cricket)Shop31015203050
South African Touring Team 1935 (Cricket)Shop41015203050
Sheffield WednesdayShop51015203050
The F.A. English CupShop61015203050
Jackie Brown (R) (Boxing)Shop71520304560
Johnny King (R) (Boxing)Shop81520304560
Nel Tarleton (R) (Boxing)Shop91520304560
Kid Berg (Boxing) (HOF)Shop101520355075
Jock McAvoy (R) (Boxing)Shop111520304560
Jack Petersen/Walter Neusel (Boxing)Shop121520304560
Walter Lindrum (Billiards)Shop131015203050
Joe Davies (Billiards)Shop141015203050
1935 Belle Vue Team (Speedway)Shop151015203050
English Test TeamShop161015203050
Australia Test TeamShop171015203050
Alfred Perry (R) (Golf)Shop1815255095150
Bobby Jones (Golf) (HOF)Shop1950951753501700
Henry Cotton (Golf) (HOF)Shop20152550110250
W. Lawson Little (R) (Golf) (HOF)Shop2115255095150
James Sullivan (Rugby)Shop221015203050
England 1935 InternationalShop241015203050
Dennis S. Horn (Cycling)Shop251015203050
Dr. Alexander Alekhine (Chess)Shop261015203050
Oxford and Cambridge Boat RaceShop271015203050
Sir Malcolm Campbell (Motor Racing)Shop281015203050
G.V. Barna (Table Tennis)Shop291015203050
Sonja Henje (Skating)Shop301015203050
Ice HockeyShop311015203050
Bahram (The Turf)Shop321015203050
Reynoldstown (Steeplechasing)Shop331015203050
Scott & Campbell Black (Flying)Shop341015203050
J.E. Lovelock (Running)Shop35     
Stanley Woods (TT Racing)Shop361015203050
Britannia (Yachting)Shop371015203050
E.H. Temme (Swimming)Shop381015203050
Gordon Richards (The Turf)Shop391015203050
T.W. Green (Walking)Shop401015203050
Frederick John Perry (Tennis) (HOF)Shop411520304560
The Davis Cup (Tennis)Shop421015203050
F.J. Perry & H.W. Austin (Tennis) (HOF)Shop431015203050
Helen Wills (Tennis) (HOF)Shop441015203050
Dorothy Round (R) (Tennis) (HOF)Shop451520304560
R.H. Pearce (Sculling)Shop461015203050
Dee Rock (Coursing)Shop471015203050
The Waterloo Cup (Coursing)Shop481015203050
Benny Lynch (R) (Boxing) (HOF)Shop491520304560
J. Brown (Football) (HOF)Shop501015203050
H. Scott-Paine (Speed Boat Racing)Shop511015203050
T. Bradshaw (Football)Shop521015203050
Jimmy Bradock (R) (Boxing) (HOF)Shop5320304075100
W. Porter (Football)Shop541015203050
Stockport County TeamShop551015203050
Joe Louis (R) (Boxing) (HOF)Shop56751252154501250
T. Bamford (Football)Shop571015203050
The Arsenal PlayersShop581015203050
R.A. Chester (Football)Shop591015203050
Bolton Wanderers' TeamShop601015203050
Captain G. Eyston (Motor Racing)Shop611015203050
J.A. Heale (Football)Shop621015203050
Manchester United PlayersShop631015203050
John Cobb (Motor Racing)Shop641015203050
A. Stevenson (Football)Shop651015203050
Manchester City PlayersShop661015203050
Freddie Dixon (Motor Racing)Shop671015203050
P. Burke (Football)Shop681015203050
The King's Cup (Flying)Shop691015203050
R. Donnelly (Football)Shop701015203050
H. Goslin (Football)Shop711015203050
J.V. Milne (Football)Shop721015203050
E.W. Higgins (Cycling)Shop731015203050
J. Cumberbatch (Football)Shop741015203050
G. Eastham (Football)Shop751015203050
Joyce Gardner (Billiards)Shop761015203050
Stanley Smith (Rugby)Shop771015203050
S. Mathews (Football)Shop781015203050
Cecilia Collridge (Ice Skating)Shop791015203050
Barney Hudson (Rugby)Shop801015203050
P.J. Doherty (Football)Shop811015203050
Nellie Halstead (Athletics)Shop821015203050
J. Feetham (Rugby)Shop831015203050
C. Bicknell (Football)Shop841015203050
Horace Lindrum (Billiards)Shop851015203050
Emlyn Jenkins (Football)Shop861015203050
Geo. Cummings (Football)Shop871015203050
J.E. Sibbit (Cycling)Shop881015203050
G.A.Johnson (Ice Hockey)Shop891015203050
John Palethorpe (Football)Shop901015203050
H. Lurie (Table Tennis)Shop911015203050
Wigan R.F.C.Shop921015203050
C.W. Horn (Skating)Shop931015203050
A.J. (Gus) Risman (Rugby)Shop941015203050
Jean Batten (Flying)Shop951015203050
Miss Jean Batten (Flying)Shop961015203050

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