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1910 E75 American Caramel Black Back Boxing Cards from the PSA SMR Price Guide. Articles, prices, and auctions for cards in the 1910 E75 American Caramel Black Back set.

Boxing Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014
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1910 E75 American Caramel Black Back

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EX 5
NM 7
Abe Attell (HOF)Shop355590125200
Jimmy BrittShop304565100150
Tommy Burns (HOF)Shop355590125200
Jim Corbett (HOF)Shop406095140225
George Dixon (HOF)Shop355590125200
Bob Fitzsimmons (HOF)Shop355590125200
Joe Gans (HOF)Shop355590125200
Marvin HartShop304565100150
Jim Jefferies (HOF)Shop406095140225
Jack Johnson (HOF)Shop150225350525900
Stanley Ketchell (HOF)Shop355590125200
Peter MaherShop304565100150
Kid McCoy (HOF)Shop355590125200
Terry McGovern (HOF)Shop355590125200
Jack MunroeShop304565100150
Battling Nelson (HOF)Shop355590125200
Jack O'Brien (HOF)Shop355590125200
Tom Sharkey (HOF)Shop355590125200
John L. Sullivan (HOF)Shop140200325500750
Joe Walcott (HOF)Shop355590125200

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