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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014
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1957 Robin Hood

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Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 35101850130
Strange WelcomeShop115304060120250
Pay or ElseShop235101850130
Sheriff's JusticeShop335101850130
Call the GuardsShop435101850130
I Demand JusticeShop535101850130
Sinister PlotShop635101850130
Ready for BattleShop735101850130
Clashing SteelShop835101850130
Fight for JusticeShop935101850130
Flashing SwordsShop1035101850130
The HoldupShop1135101850130
Joining the OutlawsShop1235101850130
Robin Hood OutlawShop1335101850130
Evil Prince JohnShop1435101850130
Superhuman StrengthShop1535101850130
Little John's TaskShop1635101850130
Forest CombatShop1735101850130
Robin Makes a FriendShop1835101850130
A Fearful SightShop1935101850130
The MessageShop2035101850130
The RaidShop2135101850130
Surround the CampShop2235101850130
Aiming at RobinShop2335101850130
Ready and WaitingShop2435101850130
A Soldier FallsShop2535101850130
Suspecting TroubleShop2635101850130
Friar Hears the PlanShop2735101850130
Call to ActionShop2835101850130
I'm a MinstrelShop2935101850130
Robin's DisguiseShop3035101850130
Taking the TreasureShop3135101850130
Striking by SurpriseShop3235101850130
Duel VillainShop3335101850130
Robin's VictoryShop3435101850130
Robin Is WoundedShop3535101850130
To the RescueShop3635101850130
Setting the TrapShop3735101850130
Friar's DecisionShop3835101850130
Overhearing NewsShop3935101850130
I'm Not AfraidShop4035101850130
Strange ChampionShop4135101850130
Choosing WeaponsShop4235101850130
Ready for CombatShop4335101850130
Watching the BattleShop4435101850130
Fight to the DeathShop4535101850130
Robin in ArmorShop4635101850130
Deadly DuelShop4735101850130
Surrender or DieShop4835101850130
The Sheriff Dares RobinShop4935101850130
The Greatest ArcherShop5035101850130
John Is WorriedShop5135101850130
Robin Takes AimShop5235101850130
I Can't Believe It!Shop5335101850130
Curious VisitShop5435101850130
Hail King RichardShop5535101850130
Blocked PassageShop5635101850130
Surprise VisitShop5735101850130
Fight Traitor!Shop5835101850130
Blocking the BlowShop5935101850130
Justice TriumphsShop6015304060120250

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