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1923 B. Morris & Sons ,Ltd. (Golf Strokes Series) Golf Cards from the PSA SMR Price Guide. Articles, prices, and auctions for cards in the 1923 B. Morris & Sons ,Ltd. (Golf Strokes Series) set.

Golf Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1923 B. Morris & Sons ,Ltd. (Golf Strokes Series)

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 510152050
Arthur G. Havers1Shop10152025100
Arthur G. Havers2 Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers3Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers4Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers5Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers6Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers7Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers8Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers9Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers10Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers11Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers12Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers13Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers14Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers15Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers16Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers17Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers18Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers19Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers20Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers21Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers22Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers23Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers24Shop510152050
Arthur G. Havers25Shop10152025100

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