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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1971 Topps Brady Bunch

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 715254065125
The Brady BunchShop1254580150250450
The Brady GirlsShop2203570125200375
The Brady BoysShop3203570125200375
Ann B. Davis as AliceShop4715254065125
Eve Plumb as JanShop5715254065125
Mike Lookinland as BobbyShop6715254065125
Christopher McKnight as PeterShop7715254065125
Carol and MikeShop8715254065125
The Family PetShop9715254065125
Sweet TreatShop10715254065125
Peter, Greg and BobbyShop11715254065125
Stuck in Stockade!Shop12715254065125
Reporting for DutyShop13715254065125
Here Comes My Fast Ball!Shop14715254065125
Big Prize for Little BobbyShop15715254065125
Break It Up! It's BedtimeShop16715254065125
What's Cooking, Alice?Shop17715254065125
Big NoiseShop18715254065125
Interior DecoratorsShop19715254065125
Guess Who?Shop20715254065125
Make-up for Marcia!Shop21715254065125
Big Brother's AdviceShop22715254065125
Long Distance Phone CallShop23715254065125
The Music ManShop24715254065125
Christmas CelebrationShop25715254065125
Musical DepreciationShop26715254065125
Ain't Love Wonderful?Shop27715254065125
Sometimes I Hate Ice CreamShop28715254065125
Homework HuddleShop29715254065125
A Couple of Hungry KidsShop30715254065125
Backyard Playground!Shop31715254065125
Lollipop LoversShop32715254065125
I'm Ready for ActionShop33715254065125
Running a FeverShop34715254065125
King for a DayShop35715254065125
Uh-oh, Here Comes the Indians!Shop36715254065125
Tired BallplayersShop37715254065125
Who Used My Toothbrush?Shop38715254065125
I'm the UmpireShop39715254065125
Kitchen ConferenceShop40715254065125
Something Smells GoodShop41715254065125
Trying to Get a DateShop42715254065125
Sorry for the TurkeyShop43715254065125
Say SomethingShop45715254065125
Man-to-Man talkShop46715254065125
Sandlot StarsShop47715254065125
Flipped Your Wig?Shop48715254065125
Soothing GregShop49715254065125
A Boy's Room is His CastleShop50715254065125
"Alice, You Grew a Beard"Shop51715254065125
Where's My Greasy Kid Stuff?Shop52715254065125
Someday Let's Eat AloneShop54715254065125
Photo of the Brady KidsShop55715254065125
You Did It AgainShop56715254065125
Sloppy but FunShop57715254065125
Come and Get ItShop58715254065125
Big SisterShop59715254065125
Talking It OverShop60715254065125
A Small DisagreementShop61715254065125
A New Rock StarShop62715254065125
What's the NoiseShop63715254065125
Can I Keep the Bird?Shop64715254065125
Meet Marcia BradyShop65715254065125
Meet bobby BradyShop66715254065125
Meet Jan BradyShop67715254065125
Meet Cindy BradyShop68715254065125
Meet Peter BradyShop69715254065125
Trimming the TreeShop70715254065125
Meet Greg BradyShop71715254065125
Marcia's Pajama PartyShop72715254065125
Having a BallShop73715254065125
A Guitar LessonShop75715254065125
Alice's Coffeebreak!Shop76715254065125
Man-to-Man TalkShop77715254065125
Trouble at HomeShop78715254065125
Greg's Big DateShop79715254065125
Practice Makes PerfectShop80715254065125
What Was That?Shop81715254065125
Bedtime SnackShop82715254065125
A Guitar Lesson!Shop83715254065125
Checking HomeworkShop84715254065125
Greg Listens InShop85715254065125
A Tired Young ManShop86715254065125
Felling Better Yet?Shop87715254065125
Say Cheese!Shop88254570125250450
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Notes about 1971 Topps Brady Bunch

A PSA Mint 9 #68 (Meet Cindy) sold for $239 in 2009

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