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Peltz22 Collection

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  • GPA with Top Pop Bonuses5.500
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  • Set Rating1.149

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Published Set: Peltz22 Collection

Image Spec # Card # Item Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
  C223300010 CHARLES BERRY
  C223300020 BILL CISSELL
  C223300030 KIKI CUYLER
  C223300040 DIZZY DEAN
  C223300050 WESLEY FERRELL 5 5 26 HOF
  C223300060 FRANK FRISCH
  C223300070 LOU GEHRIG
  C223300080 VERNON GOMEZ 5 7 27 HOF
  C223300090 GOOSE GOSLIN
  c223300100 GEORGE GRANTHAM
  C223300110 CHARLEY GRIMM
  C223300120 LEFTY GROVE
  C223300130 GABBY HARTNETT 6 13 10 HOF
  C223300140 TRAVIS JACKSON 5 6 23
  C223300150 TONY LAZZERI
  C223300160 TED LYONS
  C223300180 CARL REYNOLDS
  C223300200 AL SIMMONS
  C223300210 GUS SUHR 6 14 12
  C223300220 BILL TERRY
  C223300230 DAZZY VANCE 6 7 9 HOF
  C223300240 PAUL WANER
  C223300250 LON WARNEKE


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