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All Sports & Non-Sports Tickets – $18 per ticket – No Minimum – 45 Business Days (approx.)

New Set Composites Online
1949 Yakyu Shonen JBR13 Baseball
1997 Donruss Preferred Cut to the Chase Baseball
Canadian Hall of Fame Baseball
Bill James Power/Speed 150 Club Baseball
Rickey Henderson Super Set
Willie Mays Basic Topps Set
Willie Mays Master Topps Set 
Jose Abreu Rookie Set 
Matt Nokes Rookie Set 
1950 Bowman Cincinnati Reds 
1977-78 Topps Boston Celtics  
1990 British Petroleum Football
1995 Collector's Choice Joe Montana Chronicles Football
Tom Landry Master Set 
Brian Sipe Basic Set 
Brian Sipe Super Set 
Luke Kuechly Rookie Set 
1990 Topps Cleveland Browns 
1990-1999 Topps Decade of Browns 
2012 Topps Dallas Cowboys 
2013 Topps Dallas Cowboys 
1968 Topps Boston Patriots 
Bob MacMillan Basic Set 
Bob MacMillan Master Set 
1954-55 Parkhurst Montreal Canadiens 
1968 Panini Campioni Dello Sport Misc Sports
Bobby Charlton Master Set 
1978 Donruss CB Convoy Code Non-Sports
1948-1955 Bowman Sampler Set Non-Sports
Bobby Allison - Daytona Race Wins Tickets
Jeff Gordon - Daytona Race Wins Tickets
David Pearson - Daytona Race Wins Tickets

New Set Composites Online
1950 Big League Stars Baseball
1991 Conlon Collection Baseball
1992 Ultra Tony Gwynn Baseball
1994 Ted Williams Co. Roger Maris Etched in Stone Baseball
1977 Topps Pittsburgh Pirates

New Set Composites Online

2003 Topps Baseball
Dale Murphy Super Set 
Lou Piniella (Manager) Basic Topps
Lou Piniella (Manager) Master Topps  
1991 Topps Toronto Blue Jays 
1982 Topps Cleveland Indians
1983 Topps Cleveland Indians
1986 Topps Cleveland Indians
1996-Present Topps Mickey Mantle #7 Base Cards Baseball
1998 Upper Deck Hardcourt Jordan Holding Court Bronze Basketball
1952 Bowman Small Autographs Football
1948 Richard Playing Cards Hockey
1961-62 Parkhurst Autographs Hockey
1939-40 O-Pee-Chee Montreal Canadiens (V301-1) 
1990 Classic WWF Non-Sports
1999 Pokemon Fossil Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
Topps Autographs Type Set (1951-2014) Baseball
Mickey Mantle Super Set 
Hank Bauer Super Set 
Joe Schmidt Basic Set 
Hilliard Graves Basic Set 
Mats Sundin Basic Set 
Mats Sundin Master Set 
1986 Sports Illustrated Poster Test Stickers Misc Sports
Cristiano Ronaldo Master Set

New Set Composites Online
1954 Esskay Hot Dogs Orioles Baseball
Gates Brown Basic Set
Gates Brown Master Set 
Ken Harrelson Basic Set
Ken Harrelson Master Set 
John Hiller Basic Set
John Hiller Master Set 
Dan Petry Basic Set 
Dan Petry Master Set 
Frank Sullivan Basic Set 
Frank Sullivan Master Set 
Frank J. Thomas Basic Set 
Frank J. Thomas Master Set 
Jose Bautista Rookie Set 
Jody Davis Rookie Set
Carlos Lee Rookie Set
Fred Brown Basic Set
Fred Brown Master Set 
Bob Dandridge Basic Set 
Bob Dandridge Master Set 
Shaquille O'Neal Basic Topps Set
Shaquille O'Neal Master Topps Set 
Derek Fisher Rookie Set
1989-90 Fleer Boston Celtics 
Tom Brady Basic Set
Roger Craig Basic Set 
Roger Craig Master Set 
Roger Craig Basic Topps Set 
Roger Craig Master Topps Set 
Curley Culp Basic Set 
Curley Culp Master Set 
Carroll Dale Basic Set
Carroll Dale Master Set 
Ty Detmer Basic Set
Ty Detmer Master Set 
Willie Galimore Basic Set
Willie Galimore Master Set 
Warren Moon Basic Topps Set 
Warren Moon Master Topps Set 
Derrick Thomas Basic & Collector Issues Set
Brian Urlacher Basic Topps Set
Brian Urlacher Master Topps Set 
Scott Stevens Basic & Collector Issues Set
Rob Blake Rookie Set 
Cliff Ronning Rookie Set 
Christian Ruuttu Rookie Set 
Novak Djokovic Master Set 
Roger Federer Master Set 
Rod Laver Master Set 
Rory McIlroy Master Set 
Rafael Nadal Master Set 
Byron Nelson Master Set 
Roger Federer Rookie Set 
Rory McIlroy Rookie Set 
Rafael Nadal Rookie Set 
1939 Rothmans Ltd. Beauties of the Cinema Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
1953 Topps HOF Baseball
Aurelio Rodriguez Basic Set 
Aurelio Rodriguez Master Set 
Brian Jordan Rookie Set 
Andrew McCutchen Rookie Set 
1989 Topps Philadelphia Phillies
1959-1964 Kahns Run Football
Aeneas Williams Rookie Set
Butch Goring Basic Set
Butch Goring Master Set 
1977-78 O-Pee-Chee Calgary Flames 
1880 Allen & Ginter Presidents of the United States (N51) Non-Sports
1964 A & BC Top Stars Series of 40 Non-Sports
1973 Mister Softee Pop Discs Non-Sports
1978 Saturday Night Fever Non-Sports
1992 Merlin WWF Gold Series 2 Non-Sports
NFL 1000 Career Receptions Club Tickets

New Set Composites Online
Jose Cruz Basic Set 
Jose Cruz Master Set 
Mike Hargrove Basic Set 
Mike Hargrove Master Set 
Sean Elliott Rookie Set 
Antawn Jamison Rookie Set 
Kevin Johnson Rookie Set 
Mitch Richmond Rookie Set 
Terrell Owens Rookie Set 
Troy Smith Rookie Set 
John Taylor Rookie Set (WR)
Martin Brodeur Rookie Set
1977 Wonder Bread Close Encounters Non-Sports
1982-1983 BBM Puroresu Magazine Hand Cut Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
Mark Buehrle Basic Set
Mark Buehrle Master Set
Frank Malzone Basic Set
Frank Malzone Master Set
Billy Pierce Basic Set
Billy Pierce Master Set
Stephen Strasburg Basic Topps Set
Stephen Strasburg Master Topps Set
Eric Crouch Basic Set
Eric Crouch Master Set
Dan Hampton Basic Set 
Dan Hampton Master Set 
Dan Hampton Basic Topps Set
Dan Hampton Master Topps Set
Eddie Murray Basic Set
Eddie Murray Master Set
Eric Crouch Rookie Set
2003 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Golf
2003 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Dual Golf
Andre Agassi Master Set
Tommy Armour Master Set
Willie Hoppe Master Set
Tom Watson Master Set
Humphrey Bogart
Mark Calaway "The Undertaker" Master Set
John Wayne

New Set Composites Online

1952 Parkhurst Frostade Baseball
1958 Kahn's Wieners Baseball
1990 Fleer Canadian Baseball
1992 Mr. Turkey Baseball
2013 Topps Update Gold Baseball
2013 Topps Update Emerald Baseball
2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball
2014 Topps Heritage Chrome Baseball
Hall of Fame Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Baseball
1964 Gold Glove Award Winners Baseball
Chicago Cubs Retired Numbers Rookies Baseball
Clay Buchholz Basic Set 
Clay Buchholz Master Set 
Clay Buchholz Basic Topps Set 
Clay Buchholz Master Topps Set 
Lance Johnson Basic Set 
Lance Johnson Master Set 
Kevin Mitchell Rookie Set 
University of Notre Dame All-Time Greatest Basketball
1981 Steelers Police Football
1948-1955 Bowman - Basic Football
1994 Finest Run - Master Football
2001 Topps Heritage Run - Master Football
Pro Football Hall of Fame Modern Rookie Players (1970-Present) Football
Pro Football Hall of Fame Vintage Rookie Players (1933-1969) Football
2012 Leaf Metal Draft Autographs Football
Patrick Peterson Basic Set 
Patrick Peterson Master Set 
Troy Smith Basic Set 
Troy Smith Master Set 
Chris Weinke Basic Set 
Chris Weinke Master Set 
William M. Jennings Trophy Winners Hockey
Bobby Hull Super Set 
Gordie Howe Super Set 
Bobby Orr Super Set 
Peter Stastny Basic Set 
Peter Stastny Master Set 
Joe Nieuwendyk Rookie Set 
Mario Andretti Master Set 
George Best Master Set 
Bjorn Borg Master Set 
Donald Budge Master Set 
Primo Carnera Master Set 
Chris Evert Master Set 
Gary Player Master Set 
Pete Sampras Master Set 
1887 American Tobacco L. Miller & Sons Presidents (T95) Non-Sports
1888 Lake Erie Tobacco State Governors (N559) Non-Sports
1936 Walker Tobacco Co. Film Stars (Tatley's) Non-Sports
1939 Gallaher Ltd. Aeroplanes Non-Sports
1960 Mills The Wild West Non-Sports
1976 Topps King Kong Stickers Non-Sports
2001 Pokemon Neo Discovery 1st Edition Holofoil Non-Sports
Dick Beyer Master Set 
Antonio Inoki Master Set

New Set Composites Online
1992 Donruss Diamond Kings Supers Baseball
1993 Pinnacle Cooperstown Baseball
1993 Ted Williams Card Company Locklear Collection Baseball
1997 Bowman Baseball
1998 Topps Chrome Baseball
1999 Topps Power Brokers Baseball
2013 Topps Update Camo Baseball
1962 Gold Glove Award Winners Baseball
1963 Gold Glove Award Winners Baseball
Vida Blue Basic Topps Set 
Vida Blue Master Topps Set 
1987 Topps Box Bottoms Hand Cut Football
1997 Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes Football
2012 Topps Chrome 1957 Inserts Football
Steve Young Basic Set Football
1993 Topps Green Bay Packers 
Dino Ciccarelli Basic Set 
Dino Ciccarelli Master Set 
2003 SP Authentic Marks of Distinction Misc Sports
2003 SP Authentic Sign of a Champion Misc Sports
2003 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Triple  Misc Sports
2003 Upper Deck Renditions The Signature Exhibit Misc Sports
2004 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Misc Sports
2004 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Dual Misc Sports
2005 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Misc Sports
2009 Topps UFC Round 1 Misc Sports
Gene Sarazen Master Set Misc Sports
Floyd Patterson Master Set Misc Sports
1979 The Gong Show Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
Nolan Arenado Basic Set 
Nolan Arenado Master Set 
Reggie Cleveland Basic Set 
Reggie Cleveland Master Set 
Rich Gossage Super Set 
Willie Keeler Basic Set 
Willie Keeler Master Set 
Bill Monbouquette Basic Set 
Bill Monbouquette Master Set 
Cal Ripken, Jr. Super Set 
Red Ruffing Basic Set 
Red Ruffing Master Set 
Brad Wellman Basic Set 
Brad Wellman Basic Set 
1986 Topps Philadelphia Phillies 
1990 Topps Atlanta Braves 
1986 McDonald's San Diego Chargers Orange Football
1985 Topps HOF Football
Sebastian Janikowski Basic Set 
Sebastian Janikowski Master Set 
Rashaan Salaam Basic Set 
Rashaan Salaam Master Set 
Russell Wilson Basic Set 
Russell Wilson Master Set 
1998 Topps Dallas Cowboys 
1988 Topps Green Bay Packers 
1988 Topps Pittsburgh Steelers 
Mike Gartner Basic Set 
Mike Gartner Master Set 
Harry Howell Basic Set 
Harry Howell Master Set 
Joe Walcott Master Set 
2010 Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Collection Non-Sports
Maurice Tillet Master Set 
Wladek Zbyszko Master Set

New Set Composites Online
1969 Jack in the Box California Angels Baseball
1982 FBI Foods Discs Hand-Cut Baseball
1960 Gold Glove Award Winners Baseball
1961 Gold Glove Award Winners Baseball
1961 Topps MVP Baseball
1964 Topps Pennant Stickers Inserts Football
75th Anniversary All-Time Two Way Team Football
1940-41 O-Pee-Chee Montreal Canadiens (V301-2) 
1952-53 Parkhurst Montreal Canadiens 
1933 Western Series of 48 (R128-2) Non-Sports
1957 Kane Products Ltd. Cricket Clubs & Badges Non-Sports
1957 Mills Cigarettes Dogs Non-Sports
1965 A & BC Civil War News French Non-Sports
1977 Topps Mexican Charlie's Angels Non-Sports
1961 Nu-Card Horror Monster Complete Run Non-Sports
1954-1955 Parkhurst Wrestling - Master Non-Sports
1982-1983 Wrestling All Stars Complete Set Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
1987 Mother's Cookies Mark McGwire Baseball
Starlin Castro Basic Set
Starlin Castro Master Set
Chris Davis Basic Set
Chris Davis Master Set
Bucky Dent Basic Set
Bucky Dent Master Set
Roy Face Basic Set
Roy Face Master Set
Manny Machado Basic Set
Manny Machado Master Set
Manny Machado Basic Topps Set
Manny Machado Master Topps Set
Tippy Martinez Basic Set
Tippy Martinez Master Set
Tippy Martinez Basic Topps Set
Tippy Martinez Master Topps Set
Dave Morehead Basic Set
Dave Morehead Master Set
Dave Morehead Master Topps Set
Pee Wee Reese Master Set
Leon Wagner Basic Set
Leon Wagner Master Set
Ted Williams (Manager) Basic Set
Ted Williams (Manager) Master Set
Charles Barkley Basic Fleer Set
Charles Barkley Master Fleer Set
Terry Bradshaw Master Topps Set
Gary Collins Basic Set
Gary Collins Master Set
Mike Ditka Super Set
Frank Ryan Basic Set
Frank Ryan Master Set
William Perry Basic Set
William Perry Master Set
JJ Watt Basic Set
JJ Watt Master Set
Tavon Austin Rookie Set
Tony Esposito Basic Topps Set
Tony Esposito Master Topps Set
Vjatjeslav Fetisov Basic Set
Vjatjeslav Fetisov Master Set
Mark Howe Basic Set
Mark Howe Master Set
Michel Larocque Basic Set
Michel Larocque Master Set
Nicklas Lidstrom Basic Set
Nicklas Lidstrom Master Set
2004 Nabisco MLS Fruit Snacks Misc Sports
1966 Nestle Keen Chiller Non-Sports
1971 Anglo Confectionery Ltd. Walt Disney Character Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
Walter Alston (Manager) Basic Set
Walter Alston (Manager) Master Set
Hank Blalock Basic Set
Hank Blalock Master Set
Walt Dropo Basic Set
Walt Dropo Master Set
Dick Howser (Manager) Basic Set
Dick Howser (Manager) Master Set
Clayton Kershaw Basic Topps Set
Clayton Kershaw Master Topps Set
Maurice McDermott Basic Set
Maurice McDermott Master Set
Buster Posey Basic Topps Set
Buster Posey Master Topps Set
Mario Soto Basic Set
Mario Soto Master Set
Carl Yastrzemski Basic Topps Set
Carl Yastrzemski Master Topps Set
Chris Carpenter Rookie Set
Matt Carpenter Rookie Set
Jose Fernandez Rookie Set
Marquis Grissom Rookie Set
Mark Langston Rookie Set
Wil Myers Rookie Set
Yasiel Puig Rookie Set
Troy Tulowitzki Rookie Set
Rudy Tomjanovich Basic Set
Rudy Tomjanovich Master Set
1989 Topps HOF Football
1988 Topps HOF Football
1987 Topps HOF Football
1986 Topps HOF Football
A.J. Duhe Basic Set
A.J. Duhe Master Set
Henry Ellard Basic Set
Henry Ellard Master Set
Hugh Green Basic Set
Hugh Green Master Set
Calvin Johnson Basic Set
Calvin Johnson Master Set
Calvin Johnson Master Set
Ray Lewis Basic Topps Set
Ray Lewis Master Topps Set
Jerry Rice Basic Set
Mike Singletary Basic Topps Set
Mike Singletary Master Topps Set
Bruce Matthews Rookie Set
Patrick Peterson Rookie Set
Rashaan Salaam Rookie Set
Chris Weinke Rookie Set
Ray Bourque Basic O-Pee-Chee Set
Ray Bourque Master O-Pee-Chee Set
Gerry Cheevers Basic Set
Gerry Cheevers Master Set
Grant Fuhr Basic Set
Danny Grant Basic Set
Danny Grant Master Set
Rollie Melanson Basic Set
Rollie Melanson Master Set
Sidney Crosby Rookie Set
Peter Forsberg Rookie Set
Brian Leetch Rookie Set
Eric Lindros Rookie Set
Bob Probert Rookie Set
Alfredo Di Stefano
Mil Mascaras
Deion Sanders Basic Topps Set - Baseball & Football
Deion Sanders Master Topps Set - Baseball & Football
Tony Stewart Basic Set
Paolino Uzcudun
Gene Autry
Napoleon Bonaparte
James Cagney
Ronald Reagan
Shirley Temple

New Set Composites Online
Sparky Anderson (Manager) Basic Topps Set
Sparky Anderson (Manager) Master Topps Set
Pat Burrell Basic Set
Pat Burrell Master Set
Bill Dickey Basic Set
Bill Dickey Master Set
Dan Driessen Basic Set
Dan Driessen Basic & Collector Issues
Dan Driessen Master Set
George Foster Basic Topps Set
George Foster Master Topps Set
Ken Griffey Sr. Basic Topps Set
Ken Griffey Sr. Master Topps Set
Don Larsen Basic Set
Don Larsen Master Set
Danny Thompson Basic Set
Danny Thompson Master Set
Troy Tulowitzki Basic Set
Troy Tulowitzki Master Set
Mark Brunell Basic Set
Mark Brunell Master Set
Dave Grayson Basic Set
Dave Grayson Master Set
Carson Palmer Basic Set
Carson Palmer Master Set
John Jefferson Basic Set
John Jefferson Master Set
Dave Jennings Basic Set
Dave Jennings Master Set
O.J. Simpson Master Topps Set
Bruce Baumgartner Master Set

New Set Composites Online
1960 Bazooka Hand-Cut Baseball
Crane Team Pins 1961-1986 Baseball
1984 Topps Atlanta Braves 
2002 Topps Atlanta Braves 
1949 Bowman Cincinnati Reds 
1952 Topps Chicago White Sox 
1992 Topps San Francisco 49ers 
1994 Topps San Francisco 49ers 
1970-71 Topps Boston Bruins 
1979-80 Topps Boston Bruins 
1981-82 Topps Boston Bruins 
1987-88 Topps Boston Bruins 
1937-38 O-Pee-Chee Montreal Canadiens (V304E) 
1926 W512 - Master Misc Sports
1952 Al Haft's Star of the Mat Misc Sports
2011 Press Pass FanFare Autographs Blue Racing Misc Sports
1924 Cadbury Bros. Ltd. Fairy Tales Non-Sports
1930 Shelby Gum Humpty Dumpty Up-to-Date (R70) Non-Sports
1936 C. & T. Bridgewater Ltd. Radio Stars 2nd Series Non-Sports
1941 Peco Candy Airplane Pictures (R8-2) Non-Sports
1950 Peerless Scales Color Set (Litho U.S.A.) Non-Sports
1954 Parkhurst Race Against Time Non-Sports
1955 Jibco Tea Screen Stars Non-Sports
1960 Barratt & Co. Ltd. History of the Air Non-Sports
1960 Barratt & Co. Ltd. Pirates and Buccaneers Non-Sport
1967 Super Hero Stickers Non-Sports
1978 Topps Mork & Mindy Non-Sports
1984 Campbell Taggart Know the President Non-Sports
1984 Masters of the Universe Non-Sports
1984 Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Non-Sports
1985 Jets, Rockets, Spacemen Extentsion Reprints Non-Sports
1987 Stuart WWF Non-Sports
1993 WWF Merlin Non-Sports
1995 WWF Merlin Non-Sports
NFL 2000 Yard Club (1973-Present) Tickets
Dale Earnhardt Sr.- Daytona Race Wins Tickets

2014 PSA Set Registry Luncheon
The Scrapbook has been updated with images from this years Set Registry Luncheon and awards presentation. Also included are images of items from some of our 2014 award winning sets.

New Set Composites Online
1884 Lawson's Patent Base Ball Game Baseball
1921 Schapira Bros. Babe Ruth Baseball                
1965 Crane Team Pins Baseball
1971 Bazooka Numbered Hand Cut Panels Baseball
1983 ASA Bob Feller Story Baseball
1996 Leaf Limited Baseball
2013 Topps The Elite Autographs Baseball
Guy's Potato Chip Pins 1964-1966 - Master Baseball
1996 Topps Atlanta Braves 
1997 Topps Atlanta Braves 
1999 Topps Atlanta Braves 
2000 Topps Atlanta Braves 
1976 Coke Bears Discs with Tab Football
1988 Ace Fact Pack Seattle Seahawks Football
1963 Fleer Denver Broncos 
2007 JF Sporting Collectibles Famous Heavyweight Fights Misc Sports
1888 Old Judge & Dog's Head Vehicles of the World (N90) Non-Sports
1973 Donruss Football Super Freaks Non-Sports
2014 Star Trek Movie Into Darkness Uniform Badge Non-Sports
2014 Star Trek Movie Into Darkness Uniform Relics Non-Sports
NCAA Finals (1939-Present) Tickets

New Set Composites Online
Dave Concepcion Basic & Collector Issues
Dave Concepcion Basic Topps Set
Dave Concepcion Master Topps Set
Eric Dickerson Basic Topps Set
Eric Dickerson Master Topps Set
Howie Long Basic Topps Set
Howie Long Master Topps Set
Guy Lafleur Basic Topps Set
Guy Lafleur Master Topps Set
Pavel Bure Rookie Set
Adam Oates Rookie Set
Teemu Selanne Rookie Set

New Set Composites Online
1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Blue Baseball
2000 Upper Deck Ovation Baseball
2013 Topps - Master Baseball
2013 Topps Archives Gallery of Heroes Baseball
2013 Topps Gold Baseball
1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Autographs 
1993 Topps Atlanta Braves 
1994 Topps Atlanta Braves 
1951-Present Topps White Sox 
1997-98 Stadium Club Triumvirate Basketball
1998-99 Stadium Club Triumvirate Luminous Basketball
1999-00 Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes Basketball
2003-04 Topps Chrome Refractors Gold Basketball
1987-88 Fleer Autographs Basketball
1990 Topps Football
1970 Topps HOF Football
1970-1979 O-Pee-Chee Boston Bruins Team Cards Hockey
1983-85 Nike Poster Cards Misc Sports

New Set Composites Online
1948 Menko Scoreboard Back JCM106 Baseball
1953 Hunter Wieners Cardinals Panels Baseball
1958 Menko Doyusha Team Name Back JCM30a Baseball
Hall of Fame Texas Rangers Baseball
2005 Topps HOF Baseball
All-Time Rangers Rookies Baseball
1970 Topps Seattle Pilots Autographs 
1978-79 Topps Boston Celtics 
1970-1979 Topps Run Football
1988 Topps Chicago Bears 
1912 Gallaher Sports Series Tennis Misc Sports
1941 Wheaties Champs of the USA Misc Sports
1976 Nabisco Sugar Daddy Sports World Series 1 Misc Sports
1976 Nabisco Sugar Daddy Sports World Series 2 Misc Sports
1898 Battleships & Signal Flags (T40) Non-Sports
1911 Butterflies and Moths (C48) Non-Sports
1958 Swettenhams Tea Birds and their Eggs Non-Sports
1964 Scanlen's Samurai Non-Sports
1967 G.E. Barbour Fathers of Confederation Non-Sports
1968 Sugar Daddy Wildlife Non-Sports
1969 Sugar Daddy Wildlife Baby Animals Non-Sports
1970 Sugar Daddy Animal Heroes Non-Sports
1972 Sugar Daddy Water World Heroes Non-Sports
1978 Jaws 2 Non-Sports
1979 Star Trek Rainbo Bread Non-Sports
2012 Topps WWE Classic Hall of Famers Non-Sports
Bob Gibson - World Series Games Pitched Tickets
Dale Earnhardt - NASCAR Cup Wins Tickets
Collecting Sports Legends Top 15 Sports Tickets in the Hobby

A Big Thank You to Your 10 Years of Loyalty
197 of our Set Registry members are being recognized for their 10 Year Anniversary of having a set in the #1 position. We thank you and honor your achievement. Click here to view a list of these members' sets.

2014 PSA Set Registry Award Winners Announced!
Click here to view the list of winners and set descriptions.
Click here to view the 2014 Hall of Fame inductees.

New Set Composites Online
Daisuke Matsuzaka Basic Set 
Daisuke Matsuzaka Master Set 
Daisuke Matsuzaka Basic Topps Set 
Daisuke Matsuzaka Master Topps Set 
San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Champions (1994) Football
Dwight Clark Basic Set 
Dwight Clark Master Set 
Elijah Pitts Master Set 
2013 World Series Games 1-6 Tickets

New Set Composites Online
1980 Franchise Babe Ruth Baseball
1980-88 Baseball Immortals - Complete Set Baseball
1987 Classic Travel Update Yellow - Green Back Baseball
1989 Swell Baseball Greats Baseball
1999 Hillshire Farms Home Run Heroes Baseball
Matt Stairs Rookie Set Baseball
Billy Wagner Rookie Set Baseball
1984 Topps San Diego Padres 
1987-88 Fleer Boston Celtics 
1982 Kellogg's Panels Football
1971 Topps HOF Football
Walter Jones Rookie Set Football
1964 Topps Denver Broncos 
1989-90 O-Pee-Chee Montreal Canadians 
1974-75 O-Pee-Chee Washington Capitals 
2000-2009 Topps Foil Packs - Any Series Football
1929 W.D. & H.O. Wills Rigs of Ships Non-Sports
1978 Taystee Bread DC Super Heroes Stickers Non-Sports
1979 Topps The Black Hole Stickers Non-Sports
1993 Marvel Masterpieces X-Men 2099 Dyna-Etch Non-Sports
2000 Pokemon Game Base II Non-Sports
2012 The Walking Dead Season 2 Non-Sports
1984 World Series Games 1-5 Tickets

New Set Composites Online
2012 Topps Update Baseball
1933 Goudey Autographs Baseball
1964 Topps St. Louis Cardinals Autographs 
Bo Jackson Rookie Set Baseball
Jason Kendall Rookie Set Baseball
Chase Utley Rookie Set Baseball
Michael Strahan Rookie Set Football
1940 Wheaties Champs of the USA Misc Sports

Sell your Cards on Collectors Corner!
Exclusive to PSA Set Registry members, you now have the ability to upload your inventory from a new location in My Inventory to sell on Collectors Corner. To get started, login to MSR, move the inventory you want to sell to the new CC Sales location, determine your selling preferences and price and upload to Collectors Corner. For more information, email [email protected]

New Set Composites Online
1968 Pittsburgh Pirates Picture Pack Baseball
1970 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Issue - Photo Packs Baseball
Dante Bichette Rookie Set 
Eric Chavez Rookie Set 
Paul Goldschmidt Rookie Set 
J.J. Hardy Rookie Set 
Charlie Leibrandt Rookie Set 
Kenny Lofton Rookie Set 
1981 Dolphins Police Football
1983 Dolphins Police Football
1985 Dolphins Police Football
1974-75 O-Pee-Chee Toronto Maple Leafs 
1920 Cowan Co. Insignia of Canadian Militia Officers (V15) Non-Sports
1920 Cowan Co. People of The World (V18) Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
1963-64 Pittsburgh Pirates Picture Pack Baseball
1965 Pittsburgh Pirates Picture Pack Baseball
1967 Pittsburgh Pirates Picture Pack Baseball
1971-72 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Issue Baseball
1999 Finest Split Screen Dual Refractors Baseball
1999 Topps Gallery Awards Gallery Baseball
2000 Finest Dream Cast Baseball
2000 Finest Gold Refractors Baseball
2000 Topps Chrome 21st Century Refractors Baseball
2012 Topps Archives Baseball
2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Signatures Leather Gold Ink Baseball
2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Signatures Sepia Black Ink Baseball
2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Signatures Sepia Blue Ink Baseball
1970-1979 Topps Decade of Angels
2005 Topps Atlanta Braves 
1993-94 Ultra Award Winners Basketball
1963 Nalley's Coins Football
1994 Collector's Edge Excalibur FX Gold Shield Football
1966-1990 Topps 25 Years of Dolphins 
2000 JF Sporting Collectibles Boxers World Champions Misc Sports
1977 Star Wars Allens & Regina Non-Sports
1999 Pokemon Game Complete - Basic Non-Sports
2009 X-Men Archives Non-Sports
2012 Enterplay My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Foil Non-Sports
2011 The Tudors Seasons I, II & III Autographs Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
1931 Yuasa & Co. Tour of Japan Baseball
1987 Classic MLB Game Baseball
1992 Star Millenium Edition Cal Ripken, Jr. Baseball
2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Classic Cuts Baseball
2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Signatures Gold Stitch Black Ink Baseball
2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Signatures Gold Stitch Blue Ink Baseball
1970-1989 O-Pee-Chee Wax Packs - Any Series Packs
1888 W. Duke Sons & Co. Snapshots from Puck (N128) Non-Sports
1950 Jiggley's Action Military Series (R775-2) Non-Sports
1963 Sugar Daddy American Zoo Animals Non-Sports
1964 Sugar Daddy African Wild Animals Non-Sports
1965 Sugar Daddy Animals & Flags of the World Non-Sports
1965 Sugar Daddy Songbirds of the United States Non-Sports
2013 Rittenhouse The Complete Bionic Collection Autographs Non-Sports
2014 Star Trek Movie Autographs Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes Baseball
1997 Donruss Preferred Baseball
2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Memorabilia Patch Baseball
1988 Ace Fact Pack Los Angeles Raiders Football
Virginia Tech All-Time Greatest Rookies Football
1982 Topps Cincinnati Bengals 
O-Pee-Chee (1933-1941) Hockey
Hall of Fame Players - Post War Rookies Hockey
1991 The Tick Test Set Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
2001 Topps Chrome Traded Baseball
Topps 2000s Run - Basic Baseball
1961 Topps Team Cards Baseball
1963 Topps Team Cards Baseball
1965 Topps Team Cards Baseball
1966 Topps Team Cards Baseball
1967 Topps Team Cards Baseball
1989 Kenner Starting Lineup Legends Collection Basketball
1995 Kenner Starting Lineup Timeless Legends Basketball
1997 Kenner Starting Lineup Timeless Legends Basketball
Austin Carr Basic Set 
Austin Carr Master Set 
1989 Topps Pittsburgh Steelers 
2014 Canadian Olympic Team Hockey
1972-73 O-Pee Chee New York Islanders 
1972-73 Topps New York Islanders 
1973-74 O-Pee-Chee New York Islanders 
1981-82 Topps Montreal Canadiens 
1986-87 Topps Montreal Canadiens

New Set Composites Online
1921 W521 Baseball
1960 Bazooka Panels Hand-Cut Baseball
1970 Fleer Team Logo Decals Baseball
1972 Partridge Meats Reds Baseball
1986 Jiffy Pop Baseball
1987 Sportflics Rookies Baseball
1990 Fleer All-Stars Baseball
2005 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball
2005 Topps Updates & Highlights Baseball
2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants Baseball
2011 Topps Black Diamond Wrapper Redemption Baseball
Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Champions (1988) Baseball
1997 Kenner Starting Lineup Classic Doubles Basketball
1997 Upper Deck Starting Lineup Basketball
1991 Domino's Quarterbacks Football
2013 Topps Archives 1970 Glossy Football
2013 Topps Magic Autographs Football
Matt Leinart Basic Set 
Matt Leinart Master Set 
Don Strock Basic Set 
Don Strock Master Set 
1981 TCMA Hockey
2013-14 Panini Prizm Hockey
2005 World Series Games 1-4 Tickets
2007 World Series Games 1-4 Tickets

2014 PSA Set Registry Awards!
The deadline for this year's PSA Set Registry Awards is Friday, May 30th. Any new sets or edits to existing sets must be published before 5:00 pm EST (2:00 pm PST).
The deadline to request that new cards be added to the set composites is April 30th. Set composites will be updated with these requests, assuming they qualify and are approved, by May 30th. Requests received after April 30th will be added as optional. After June 1st, the new additions will be required.

New Set Composites Online
1969-70 Bazooka Hand-Cut Singles Baseball
1999 Topps - Basic Baseball
1947-66 Exhibits HOF Baseball
Jim Piersall Basic Set
Jim Piersall Master Set 
Norm Siebern Basic Set 
Norm Siebern Master Set 
2014 Topps Texas Rangers 
1990-91 Pro Set Super Bowl XXV Raiders Football
2007 Topps Chrome Brett Favre Collection Red Refractors Football
2010 Playoff Contenders Football
1995-96 Parkhurst 66-67 Coins Hockey
2010 Press Pass Five Star Signature Souvenirs Gold Misc Sports
1941 Mutoscope All American Girls - Master Non-Sports
1942 Warships (R169) Non-Sports
1961 J. Lyons Wings Across the World Non-Sports
1980 Fleer Pac-Man Non-Sports
1981 Fleer Ms. Pac-Man - Master Non-Sports
1990 WWF Super Stars of Wrestling Series 3 Non-Sports
2004 Topps Lord of the Rings The Return of the King Memorabilia Non-Sports
2012 Topps Mars Attacks Heritage Green Border Non-Sports

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1914 Pritchard Publishing Yale Baseball Baseball
2004 Just Featured Preview Albert Pujols Baseball
1997 Topps Chicago White Sox 
2010 Topps Green Bay Packers 
1933-34 O-Pee-Chee Montreal Canadiens (V304A) 
1951-52 Parkhurst Montreal Canadiens 
2013 Upper Deck Tiger Woods Master Collection Masterpieces Sketch Autographs Misc Sports
2013 James Bond Autographs Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
2013 Topps Update Baseball
Philadelphia Phillies World Series Champions (1980) Baseball
Yu Darvish Basic Set 
Yu Darvish Master Set 
Jim Leyland (Manager) Basic Set 
Jim Leyland (Manager) Master Set 
Jim Leyland (Manager) Basic Topps Set 
Jim Leyland (Manager) Master Topps Set 
1972-Present Topps Rangers 
Jarrod Bunch Basic Set 
Jarrod Bunch Master Set 
Ron Dayne Basic Set
Ron Dayne Master Set 
Charles Haley Basic Set  
Charles Haley Master Set  
DeMarcus Ware Basic Set 
DeMarcus Ware Master Set 
Charles Woodson Basic Set 
Charles Woodson Master Set 
1970-1979 Topps Decade of Broncos 
1990 Topps Miami Dolphins 
1920 Cowan Co. Animal Cards (V2) Blank Back Non-Sports
1920 Cowan Co. Chicken Cards (V12) Reversed Design Non-Sports
1930 Canadian Chewing Gum Co. Indian Chiefs (V253) Non-Sports
1958 Mills Freshwater Fish Non-Sports
1966 A & BC Batman Riddler Back-Netherlands Non-Sports
1973 The Big Book of Wrestling Non-Sports
1976 Yamakatsu Wrestling Non-Sports
1984 First Issue Covers Non-Sports
1989 WWF Superstars of Wrestling Series 2 Non-Sports
1992 Impel Star Trek The Next Generation Non-Sports
NCAA Final Four (1976-Present) Tickets
Super Bowl Quarterbacks First Starts (1967-Present) Tickets

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1967 Dexter Press Boston Red Sox Baseball
1972 Puerto Rican League Stickers Baseball
1993 Finest Jumbo All-Stars Baseball
1997 Finest Refractors Baseball
2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Immortal Signatures Baseball
2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Signatures Barrel Black Ink Baseball
2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Signatures Barrel Blue Ink Baseball
2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Legendary Lettermen Baseball
2012 Topps Archives Reprints Baseball
N.Y. Yankees Retired Numbers Rookies Baseball
1980-1989 Topps Decade of Reds
Michael Jordan Super Set 
1991 Pro Set Draft Day Football
1990-1999 Topps Decade of Chiefs 
1993 Kenner Starting Lineup Hockey
1968-1992 O-Pee-Chee NHL and WHA Wax Packs - All Series
1886 Old Judge Boxers (N167) Misc Sports
1889 W. Duke Sons & Co. Lighthouses (N119) Non-Sports
1974 Yamakatsu Wrestling Non-Sports
1977 Pacosa Dos International Star Wars Non-Sports
1985 O-Pee-Chee WWF Pro Wrestling Stars Series 1 Non-Sports
1991 Classic WWF Non-Sports
1991 Merlin WWF Italian Non-Sports
1994 Action Packed WWF 24 KT Gold Non-Sports
1998 Topps Chrome WCW Non-Sports
2006 Topps Heritage Chrome WWE Autographs Non-Sports

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In My Inventory, you can now set your column preference for each type of inventory filter. Example, your Active Inventory you might display the default columns but in your sold inventory, you might decide to display only Cert#/Card#/Description/Grade/My Cost/Purchased Date/Sale Date/Sold Price and Buyer. These columns will remain frozen until you change them.

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Bob Oliver Basic Set
Bob Oliver Master Set
LaMichael James Basic Set
LaMichael James Master Set
Rodney Peete Basic Set
Rodney Peete Master Set

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1966 Bazooka Complete Box Baseball
1983 Perma-Graphics All-Star Credit Cards Baseball
1990 Topps Milwaukee Brewers 
1988-89 Fleer Sacramento Kings 
1988-89 Fleer New Jersey Nets 
1988-89 Fleer Golden State Warriors 
1981 Fleer Team Action Football
Lady Byng Memorial Trophy Winners Hockey
1940 Leader Novelty Candy Co. Superman Perforated (R146) Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
1993 Barry Colla Postcards Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball
1988-89 Fleer Cleveland Cavaliers 
1988-89 Fleer Utah Jazz 
1988-89 Fleer San Antonio Spurs 
1988-89 Fleer Seattle Supersonics 
1991 Topps New Orleans Saints
1946 Propagandas Montiel Misc Sports
1991 Track Pack Yesterday's Heroes Misc Sports
2013 Upper Deck Tiger Woods Master Collection Slambalaya Misc Sports
1962 Dynamic Toy Inc. Popeye Jumbo Cards Non-Sports
1991 Swanson WWF Non-Sports

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Robert Griffin III Basic Set
Robert Griffin III Master Set
Mark Ingram Basic Set
Mark Ingram Master Set
O.J. McDuffie Basic Set
O.J. McDuffie Master Set

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2013 Topps Update 1971 Topps Minis Baseball
2012 Topps Heritage Run - Master Baseball
Tom Morgan Basic Set 
Tom Morgan Master Set 
1987-88 Fleer Detroit Pistons  
1971 Mattel Instant Replay Records - Master Football
Andre Ware Basic Set 
Andre Ware Master Set 
Borje Salming Basic Set 
Borje Salming Master Set 
Vladislav Tretiak Master Set 
1978-79 Topps Montreal Canadiens

New Set Composites Online
1948 Menko Multicolor Background JRM19 Baseball
1990 Topps Traded Baseball
2001 Topps Heritage Baseball
2012 Topps Archives 3-D Baseball
1926 Shotwell Red Grange Ad Back Football
2012 Fleer Retro 1960 Fleer Autographs Football
1993 Topps New Orleans Saints 
1987 Topps Pittsburgh Steelers 
2007-08 Upper Deck Hockey
Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy Winners Hockey
2001 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Golf Misc Sports
1966 O-Pee-Chee Batman Color Photo Non-Sports
1972 Primrose Confectionary Krazy Kreatures Non-Sports
1981 Kajiwara Productions Wrestling Non-Sports
1970 World Series Games 1-5 Tickets
Pro Bowl Basic Set (1939-Present) Tickets

New Set Composites Online
1969-70 Bazooka Hand-Cut Baseball
1981 Squirt Baseball
1990 Ames All-Stars Baseball
1994 Panini Stickers Baseball
1996 Bowman's Best Previews Atomic Refractors Baseball
1996 Bowman's Best Previews Refractors Baseball
2007 Topps Alex Rodriguez Road to 500 Baseball
2008 Topps Heritage Baseball
2010 Topps Update Baseball
2012 Topps Heritage Baseball
2013 Topps Heritage Chrome Baseball
1983 A.L. All-Star Game Rookies Baseball
1975-76 76ers McDonald's Standups Basketball
1990 Action Packed All-Madden Football
2006 Fleer Football
2004 Playoff Contenders Football
1953-54 Parkhurst Chicago Black Hawks 
1953-54 Parkhurst Boston Bruins 
1953-54 Parkhurst Toronto Maple Leafs 
1953-54 Parkhurst New York Rangers 
1953-54 Parkhurst Detroit Red Wings 
1974-75 Topps Montreal Canadiens 
1976-77 Topps Montreal Canadiens 
1982-1990 Fleer Cello Packs - Any Series Baseball 
1934 W.A. & A.C. Churchman Can You Beat Bogey at St. Andrews? Misc Sports
1934 W.A. & A.C. Churchman Can You Beat Bogey at St. Andrews? Red Overprint Misc Sports
1987 Wonderama NWA Wrestling Supercards Test Market Run Misc Sports
1908 SE5 Stage Playing Cards #65X Non-Sports
1911 Imperial Tobacco Co. Fowls, Pigeons & Dogs (C54) Non-Sports
1920 Maynards World Wonder Series (V144) Non-Sports
1920 Neilson’s Chocolate Flags of Countries (V-62) Non-Sports
1940 Bristish Empire Victoria Cross Heroes Series of 120 (V408) Non-Sports
1950 Dinkie Paramount Pictures with Tab Non-Sports

New Set Composite Online
Franklin D. Roosevelt

New Set Composites Online
1990 Leaf with Complete Wax Pack Run Baseball
2002 Topps Heritage Chrome Baseball
2007 Topps Heritage Chrome Baseball
2008 eTopps Allen & Ginter Tribute to Yankee Stadium Promo Baseball
2009 Topps Heritage Chrome Baseball
2010 Topps Baseball
2010 Topps Update Black Baseball
2013 Topps Emerald Baseball
All-Time 49ers First Team All-Pro Key Card Sets
1970-71 Topps Montreal Canadiens 
1923 Dominion Chocolate Co. Animals (V30) Non-Sports
1960 Gaycon Products Ltd. Red Indians Series 1 Non-Sports
1960 Gaycon Products Ltd. Red Indians Series 2 Non-Sports
1968 O-Pee-Chee Kooky Awards Non-Sports
1968 Topps Kooky Awards Non-Sports
2009 HBO Eastbound & Down Non-Sports
2002 Topps Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Autographs Non-Sports
2003 Topps Lord of the Rings The Return of the King Autographs Non-Sports
1977 Topps Star Wars Wax Pack Set Non-Sports