1933-34 V129: Simgin

Simgin - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 6.150
Complete 98.00%
Set Rating 5.591
Retired Statistics (2/25/2015)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 5.550
Complete 98.00%
Set Rating 5.045
Simgin's Sets
  Simgin's Images

About this set: I am always looking to upgrade my sets and willing to trade or buy. I also have a lot of graded and ungraded vintage cards available to trade or sell. Please feel free to contact me.

ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04093300101RED HORNER810
04093300202CLARENCE (HAP) DAY4.510
04093300303ACE BAILEY354
04093300404BUZZ BOLL3.522
04090000025CHARLIE CONACHER511
04093300707JOE PRIMEAU452
04093300808KING CLANCY621
04093300909ALEX LEVINSKY810
040933010010BILL THOMS810
040900000711ANDY BLAIR4.511
040933012012HAROLD COTTON611
040933013013GEORGE HAINSWORTH513
040900000814KEN DORATY4.530
040900000315FRED ROBERTSON421
040900000916CHARLIE SANDS4.511
040933017017HEC KILREA5.521
040933018018JOHN ROSS ROACH4.511
040933019019LARRY AURIE541
040900000420EBBIE GOODFELLOW710
040933021021NORMIE HIMES730
040933022022BILL BRYDGE4.512
040933023023MERVYN (RED) DUTTON4.534
040933024024COONEY WEILAND5.512
040933025025BILL BEVERIDGE4.511
040933026026FRANK FINNIGAN442
040933027027ALBERT LEDUC810
040933028028BABE SIEBERT5.513
040933029029MURRAY MURDOCH540
040933030030BUTCH KEELING610
040933031031BILL COOK910
040900001032CECIL DILLON441
040933033033IVAN (CHING) JOHNSON642
040933034034OTT HELLER5.510
040933035035RED BEATTIE810
040933036036DIT CLAPPER4.541
040933037037EDDIE SHORE511
040933038038MARTY BARRY621
040900001239HARRY OLIVER SP 
040900000640BOB GRACIE4.521
040933041041HOWIE MORENZ8.510
040933042042PIT LEPINE332
040933043043JOHNNY GAGNON810
040900001144ARMAND MONDOU422
040900000545LORNE CHABOT610
040933046046BUN COOK4.544
040933047047ALEX SMITH5.511
040933048048DANNY COX512
040933049049BALDY NORTHCOTT UER611
040900000150PAUL THOMPSON420