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The 1940 Gum, Inc. Superman R145 set consists of 72 cards, each measuring 2-1/2" by 3-1/8", and displaying amazingly detailed and colorful drawings of the Man of Steel’s many heroic adventures. Text describing the action on front is confined to the reverse, along with the card number, a black-and-white Superman design and information about the Supermen of America Club. As a whole, much rarer than other nonsports entries, the set’s #1 card (“Superman”) and #72 card (“Superman vs. Torpedo”) are, not surprisingly, the keys to the collection and among the most difficult to find in high grade as they often fell victim to rubber band damage and handling wear from youngsters. Even more elusive are the 24 “high numbers” (#s 49-72), which are significantly more difficult to find -  in any condition.

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