1959 Topps

George Anderson


George Lee “Sparky” Anderson (1934-2010) managed the Cincinnati Reds (1970-1978) and the Detroit Tigers (1979-1995) for 26 years. Sparky Anderson won five pennants and three World Series during his 26-year career (1970-1995). In 1984, Sparky became the first manager in baseball history to win World Series in both the American League and National Leagues. Early in his playing, George was nicknamed “Sparky” in the minors by a local radio announcer due to his aggressive playing style, but it was his managerial nickname, “Captain Hook”, that revolutionized today’s game. Anderson wasted no time going to his bullpen replacing a starting pitcher with a reliever at the first sign of trouble. This practice remains standard in the Major League Baseball today. The Veterans Committee elected George Lee “Sparky” Anderson to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2000 in his first year of eligibility.

SMR Price Guide
NameCard NumberEX 5EX-MT 6NM 7NM+ 7.5NM-MT 8NM-MT+ 8.5MT 9
Sparky Anderson (R) (HOF)338$25$35$50$70$110$165$325

PSA Population Report  
       7   24 3  65 4 2 158 7 10 269 15 22 399 7 42 355 4 13 37 11444

Condition Census (Explain)
PosGradeThumbnailPedigree and History
2MINT 9 (37)  

Public Auctions
GradePriceDateFirmSaleLot #
MINT 9$242Jul-2011Memory Lane, Inc. Sizziling Summer 2011 625
MINT 9$214Nov-2010Memory Lane, Inc. Wintertime Classics 378
NM-MT+ 8.5$131Jun-2010Heritage Auctions Sunday Internet Sports Auction 42013
MINT 9$266Nov-2009Memory Lane, Inc. Hidden Treasures Vintage Rarities 170
MINT 9$428Mar-2009Memory Lane, Inc. Historical Classic Rarities 481

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