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A Major Milestone - CU/PSA Reaches 50,000,000 Items Certified

Joe Orlando

This year marks my 15th year at the Collectors Universe, Inc. For those of you who may not be aware, Collectors Universe is the parent company of PSA. The two biggest divisions under the parent company are, of course, PSA and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Like PSA, PCGS is the leader in their respective field. PCGS was the first division to emerge, in 1986, while PSA opened its doors several years later in 1991.

It's hard to imagine today but, at one time, the concept of third-party grading was a radical one. When PCGS first started, according to Founder and President David Hall, they expected a few thousand coins during the first month. Instead, they received about 18,000 coins. The next month, they received approximately 35,000 coins. The rest is history. In fact, PCGS has certified over 28,000,000 coins during its 28-year history, and they continue to expand on a global scale.

At PSA, the division didn't certify its 1,000,000th item until 1998, about seven years after opening its doors. That milestone was reached about one year before the parent and publicly-traded company Collectors Universe, Inc. was formed. Since that time, PSA has certified over 1,000,000 items each and every year. Last year, PSA was closer to certifying 2,000,000 items than 1,000,000. Currently, PSA has certified more than 22,000,000 total items since 1991.

Together, the services have combined for over 50,000,000 items certified during the company's long history. It's something that we are all very proud of and none of this would be possible without the overwhelming support of our customers, which include collectors and dealers all over the world. As a small token of our appreciation, we decided to send a special encapsulated coin to the first 500 customers after the milestone was reached. The coin is a 1986-S Statue of Liberty Commemorative Proof Half Dollar, which is encapsulated with a special label and signed by David Hall on the reverse.


In closing, all we would like to say is - thank you.

Thank you for making Collectors Universe what it is today and, on a personal level, thank you for the opportunity to work in a hobby and for a company that I am so passionate about.

Never get cheated,

Joe Orlando

Joe Orlando
Editor In Chief