A nationally syndicated television sports program segment on the possible future of Mark McGwire's record-breaking home run baseballs included a comment by Miles Standish, a well-known and respected authenticator with Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) of Newport Beach, California, the world's largest sports memorabilia and collectibles authentication and certification service.

Appearing on "The George Michael Sports Machine" program on Sunday, October 18, 1998, Standish commented on the importance of home run ball number 70: "Probably of all the collectibles, billions of dollars of value, that I've looked at, I can't think of an item that more people on the planet know about. And the significance of that alone makes this probably the most important item that I've ever handled."

Standish was interviewed for the Washington, DC based TV program on October 7 at the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum in St. Louis, Missouri, the day he formally authenticated the historic #70 ball there and used a specially designed, invisible DNA laced ink compound to mark it "PSA/DNA Guaranteed Authentic." The small DNA "tag" glows green when viewed with a special laser set to the proper light frequency.