Taking My Hacks

Sometimes, a Picture Says It All

Joe Orlando


Usually, I use this column to jump on my soapbox and discuss whatever hobby-related topics come to mind. It is something I really enjoy doing, on both a professional and personal level. This month, however, I decided to change the nature of this column by sparing the reader of my ranting. Instead, I decided to limit my words and replace most of them with a simple photo.

In the photo below, you can see a man wearing a Joe Namath jersey, throwing a football to another man. Believe it or not, that is the real Joe Namath tossing the pigskin. The other man is a freelance writer for PSA, and while growing up, Namath was one of his heroes. He met Broadway Joe and his family at Namath's home during an interview for another magazine.

While there, he asked if the football legend would play catch with him. Not only did Namath oblige, he put on a jersey and even asked the writer to run a few routes on his front lawn. The reason I decided to put this image into my monthly column is because this image, to me, explains more about the impact of sports than any words ever could. Just look at the sheer joy expressed on the writer's face as he is about to catch Namath's first toss. It is absolutely priceless.

We all have to grow up someday and our bodies must age, but that little kid inside us always remains. For many of us, this is a big reason why we collect. The hobby takes us back to a simpler time, when we were much more impressionable and, perhaps, less jaded from the trials of life. It takes us back to our youth and our innocence ... a time when the idea of playing catch with our hero could cause us to smile, from ear to ear.

David & Joe

As a fellow collector, this picture says it all.

Never get cheated,

Joe Orlando

Joe Orlando
Editor In Chief