NEWPORT BEACH, CA - Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) recently announced that it graded and shipped 104,907 sportscards in the month of February, 1999. This astonishing figure, more than ten times the number of cards graded in a single month by any other grading service, is a record for PSA. The number also hammers home the point that card grading has taken the sportscard industry by storm. A little over a year ago, PSA was only grading 10-15,000 cards per month.

According to PSA President Steve Rocchi, "Our submission numbers really started to take off last summer. By the fall, we were receiving 60-80,000 cards per month. Unfortunately, we were not equipped with either the processing staff or the graders to handle such a large increase in volume. Over the past few months, we have added more graders, including several prominent names in the industry, and staffed up our customer service and processing departments." Rocchi added, "This is the first month in nearly a year that we've graded more cards than we've received; the number of submissions for February was 70,138."

Initially, the third party grading idea was slow to catch on in the sportscard industry. At a recent trade conference held in Hawaii, Chairman David Hall stated: "PSA started grading cards in 1991. For the first few years we were in business, we were only grading 300-600 cards a month and losing as much as $10,000 per month. However, we felt the idea was good and would work eventually. Fortunately, we had staying power and were able to hang in there until enough people came to recognize the benefits of third-party grading and PSA became a viable business."

PSA has been designated the Official Grading Service of the 20th National Sports Collectors Convention, which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on July 18-25, 1999.

PSA grades and authenticates baseball, basketball, football, hockey and boxing cards. PSA will also grade all non-sports cards, including Beanie cards. To date, PSA has graded 761,349 cards with a cumulative value of $142,403,666.

For further information regarding PSA grading and services, call PSA at (800)325-1121 or visit the PSA web site at