Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) Spearhead "Mega-Merger" of Eight Prominent Collectibles Companies into Collectors Universe

NEWPORT BEACH, CA- Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and its subsidiary Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), announced today they have merged with Superior Sports Auctions, Kingswood Coin Auctions, Lyn Knight Currency Auctions, Good Rockin' Tonight, and the Collectors Universe Internet sites to form Collectors Universe, which Chairman David Hall calls the "ultimate collector's destination."

"PCGS changed the way people buy and sell rare coins," said Hall. "PSA changed the way people buy and sell sportscards. Collectors Universe is changing the way people buy and sell collectibles on the Internet."

The precedent-setting merger brings together eight prominent collectibles companies with an Internet site covering 39 major collectibles areas ranging from rare coins, postage stamps and paper money to sportscards, classic rock 'n' roll records and vintage autographs.

The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Collectors Universe, Louis Crain, brings substantial experience in corporate management and the application of high technology to customer needs.

"Our objective is to create a high quality, robust Internet destination that is filled with the kind of information and associated services and products that collectors will utilize on a daily basis," Crain stated.

In the first weeks since the merger, traffic on the sites has jumped to more than 40,000 visitors per day and continues to grow rapidly.

The leading sports collectibles company involved in the merger, PSA (, is the world's largest sportscard authentication and grading service. The company, headed by President Steve Rocchi, examines, grades and encapsulates more than 70,000 items each month.

Acting under the PSA umbrella, PSA/DNA provides authentication of autographs and sports memorabilia. Recently, PSA/DNA certified the Mark McGwire 70th home run ball, which subsequently sold for over $3,000,000. The company provides a guarantee of authenticity for celebrity autographs and sports-related memorabilia through the use of a unique, invisible DNA marking. Also included is the newest arm of PSA/ DNA, PSA/DNA Certified Vintage Autographs.

Superior Sports Auctions is headed by Greg Bussineau, a full-time sportscard and sports memorabilia dealer since 1983. Superior's auctions have included some of the greatest sales of the decade, such as the auction of the memorabilia of basketball Hall of Fame great Bill Sharman.

Coin Universe was the first collectibles web site ever listed by the popular search engine Yahoo. The now greatly expanded site ( was recently named the best site on the Internet for coin collectors by the prestigious PC Magazine. This vast site includes price guides, population reports, articles, news, chat rooms and more.

One of the other companies in the merger, PCGS (, is the world's largest rare coin authentication and certification service. The company, headed by President Richard Montgomery, has examined more than 5.7 million coins, and certified the world's most valuable, an 1804 silver dollar that sold at a public auction for $1.815 million.

The merger also brings together specialty and high quality auction companies including Lyn Knight Currency Auctions and Kingswood Coin Auctions. A recent Lyn Knight auction of the Levitan collection totaled $5,972,230 and a single "watermelon" $1,000 bill brought in a record $792,000.

Another division of Collectors Universe is Good Rockin' Tonight, which conducts auctions and fixed priced catalog sales of the world's rarest records and music memorabilia. In addition, GRT Autographs certifies signed-in-the-presence signatures of famous rock 'n roll and rhythm and blues artists using its DNA marking method.

Collectors Universe Chairman, David Hall, founded PCGS in 1986 and PSA in 1991. He has been one of the major dealers in the rare coin market since the early 1970's and is recognized as one of the world's top collectibles experts.

For additional information, contact Collectors Universe, P.O. Box 9458, Newport Beach, CA 92658,, or call 1-(800) 447-8848.