Looking for a PSA-graded card to complete your set? How about a PSA/DNA-certified autograph you have been seeking? Look no further. The SMR Online and PSA Population Report now feature the eBay Shop link, a link that directs you to the collectibles you desire. With over 500,000 PSA-certified listings on eBay each day, the selection is virtually endless.

Here's how it works:

Next to each individual listing on the site, in both the SMR Online Price Guide and the PSA Population Report, a blue-colored link that simply says "shop" is provided. Once you click on the eBay "shop" link, a listing of PSA-certified items that match the specific listing will appear in a customized box on your screen.

You can search through the listings by using the scrolling feature on the right side of the box or you can click on the individually-listed items, which will take you directly to the listing page on eBay. In almost every case, the search is specific to that item.

If, for some reason, the program cannot identify an exact match, you will be presented with "like items" from the same general group. If no "like items" are found via the matching program, a direct link to eBay is provided within the box to enable the user to search for PSA-graded listings.

This new feature can provide collectors an opportunity to build upon an existing collection or start a new one altogether. We hope you enjoy this new feature on the PSA website. Good luck shopping!

To start shopping for eBay items using the SMR Price Guide click here, to use the Pop Report click here.