1964-Date Bucky Harris HOF Yellow Plaque 1964-Date George Sisler HOF Yellow Plaque

This is the final auction of the year and we want to thank our many loyal bidders and consignors for making 2012 yet another big year for Clean Sweep, very possibly our best ever once again!

This auction is unique to the business. It consists almost entirely of items with a retail value of $500 or less, with very low minimum bids.

This auction contains lots of fresh material and several great consignments, easily one of the best auctions of this type that we have ever run.

Day One of the two Day auction starts with autographed cards. There are many, many tougher deceased players and HOFers on vintage cards from the 1950s and 1960s, including a signed 1952 Berk Ross Mickey Mantle. We also have some better partial signed sets from the 1980s. For collectors of 3x5s and cuts, there is a very deep selection of HOFers and rarities, also among the best offerings in our history.

It continues with a great selection of signed 8x10 photos, with several fine multi-signed images, three very nice Mantles and a Roger Maris among so much more. There is an outstanding selection of Yankee signed Burke photos from the 1930s and 1940s, the fruits of a 20-year collection, with many HOFers and very scarce deceased players.

Also offered is a run of contracts from the circa-1931 Yankees, all fully executed, with Red Rolfe the biggest star. There are an uncommonly large number of signed large prints and equipment, with many very interesting pieces.

Day Two begins with some interesting basketball memorabilia, and continues with a run of better boxing tickets and some desirable boxing autographs. Football is very deep as well, with some new Packers memorabilia, lots of autographs of HOFers and current star players, tickets and publications, including a Super Bowl I program.

1976 A.L. Championship Series A.L.C.S. Game 5-Full Yankees-7,Royals-6 Oct.14 #Full (Chris Chambliss Game-Winning HR) 1991 Upper Deck Final Edition NY Yankees Hologram - Mickey Mantle Autograph

Baseball memorabilia starts with a run of game used bats, mainly from the personal collection of Carlos Baerga. There is a run of high grade Hartland statues, including some tags and boxes. For pin collectors, we go back to the 1920s, and also have many better press pins. Ticket collectors will see World Series tickets going back to the 1920s, and many fresh lots to market. General baseball memorabilia includes a great 1925 Pirates display piece and a Babe Ruth watch in the original case.

Collectors of baseball publications will see a good run of pre-1920s Baseball Magazines, World Series programs going back to the 1920s, with many higher grade programs, and a solid run of better 1950s and 1960s team yearbooks. We have many great dealer lots as well.

Signed baseballs conclude the auction with a bang. Auction offers many tougher deceased single signed baseballs, a superb selection of HOFer signed singles and a nice mix of current stars and retired players.

Team balls are anchored by two fresh collections of Cubs and White Sox team balls going back to the 1930s, including many very high grade balls, the most we have ever offered. In addition, there are many Yankee team balls, All Star balls and other interesting balls. If you collect team balls, it is well worth taking some time to care- fully review this section.

Auction is now open for bidding and closes December 12 and 13, 2012. Be sure to visit www.cleansweepauctions.com.