2012 Bowman Baseball launched May 9th and the feedback from hobby stores and collectors has been great. While we are ecstatic about the feedback, the launch of 2012 Bowman Baseball was just the beginning of what will be a special year for Bowman brand! Check out everything we have going on ..

Bowman Debuts on Facebook!

* Bowman debuted on Facebook last week. If you love baseball and more importantly following prospects then Bowman Baseball on facebook is the place to be. Bowman will provide ground floor access to the top MLB prospects and the ability to chart their progression to the majors. Bowman will be posting unique content about prospects every week!

* The facebook page is also a destination for product news & updates, giveaways and discussions.

* The Bowman team will be attending the Draft live on Monday night and will be bringing you behind the scenes access during the first round as it unfolds. To help kick off Monday's MLB Draft, we will be giving away a Red Wave Chrome Refractor Uncut Sheet from 2012 Bowman Baseball to one fan. Check out the facebook page for more details on the contest and for the behind the scenes content.

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Bowman Debuts on MLB Network - FIRST EVER TV Commercial and Sponsored Feature

* Every Wednesday from 9pm - 10pm tune into the MBL Network as Bowman brings viewers the Who Will Be Next Segment! Each week the anchors on MLB will feature Major League stars and discuss what up and coming prospect has the ability to be similar to that current star! The feature is sponsored by Bowman and it features 2012 Bowman Baseball cards!

* Also, a :30 Bowman TV spot will be featured during the segment and during regular programming throughout the season.

Bowman Golden Debut Contract A few have been found, more are out there waiting to be found! Look for the contracts for a chance to win a $500 Signing Bonus, A Bowman Team Jersey and your own Bowman Baseball Card in 2013 Bowman Baseball! Check out this discovery...Golden Ticket

Do not miss out on what Bowman is doing in 2012. Get in on the Ground Floor and Uncover Greatness. Bowman, Who's Next?