The Golden Giveaway ( is off to a strong start. Collectors have been unlocking codes at a furious pace and many have unlocked very special cards! The Giveaway allows collectors to enter special code cards found in Topps Series 1 to unlock cards, collect digital coins and win online! To date, autograph cards have been awarded, many special 14K gold-embedded cards have been unlocked, and there are many more to be found!

To make the Golden Giveaway even more GOLDEN, we will be adding two very special new subjects. Starting April 16th, cards of hot rookies Yu Darvish and Yoenis Cespedes will be added to the mix, and to make it even more special we will add 25 autographed cards of each! Buy Topps Series 1, look for Golden Giveaway code cards, enter them and perhaps you may unlock the next Yu Darvish autograph card!