Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons XXXV is the first of three consecutive auctions which contain offerings from a tremendous collection of cards all of which originated from New Orleans at the turn of the century. The collection is titled "The Louisiana Purchase" and it contains cards that we've never seen before! After the natural disasters of hurricanes Camille and Katrina, it is needless to say that the rarity of these issues has become even scarcer than before. All three issues of Coupons, both years of Weil Baking, People's Tobacco, Red Cross, Victory Cigarettes and General Baking are showcased in these pages. Over seventy Kotton Cigarette cards, many of which are Hall of Famers will be presented in Goodwin's early 2012 catalog.

You will also find a stunning array of T206s, such as a blank back Ty Cobb, rare backs including a brown Lenox, a red Hindu Mordecai Brown and a fantastic collection of high grade Southern Leaguers. Over twenty-five Mint 1955 Topps graded by PSA, most with low population numbers are offered in individual lots. Caramel collectors will find a wide variety of cards including an E90 set that is available for their bidding in various lots. Don't miss the Breisch Williams Cy Young or the complete set of Eastern Exhibit Supply and a personal favorite, the Hindu Ledger with two high grade Hindu cards attached. Visit to view lots and bid!