Like clockwork, Just Collect (eBay ID: just_collect) lists new inventory every week. On Monday & Tuesday, Just Collect listed over 1,000 new PSA cards! Over the last 4 weeks, the firm has listed more than 3,000 new graded cards! Click here for a breakdown of this week's listings.

Posted 3/16: We opened a 1947-66 Exhibits Cello Pack!

1,000 New PSA Cards Listed This Week

Over 875 PSA 10s! Over 800 Tough Low Pop Cards!

Vintage Baseball:
1970 MLB Photostamps

Modern Baseball:
1980-82 Kellogg's
1985 Topps PSA 10
1987 Donruss PSA 10

1977 Topps Glossy Sq. Corner

1983 Topps Great Olympians
1992 Classic 4 Sport Gold

1990 OPC Premier

Non Sports:
1961 Dinosaur Series
1980 Topps Star Wars BK
1982 Topps Wacky Packages

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