Cards Recently Sold at Auction or Private Sale:

Year Company Card PSA Grade Price Realized
Sporting News Bowman Babe Ruth 4 $9,691
1909-11 T206 Bill O'Hara (St. Louis variation) 7 $6,600
1916 Sporting News Joe Jackson 4 $3,852
1933 Goudey Babe Ruth 6 $3,750
1959 Topps Fence Busters (Aaron/Mathews) 9 $3,550
1935 Diamond Star Paul Waner 9 $2,950
1933 Goudey Vernon Gomez 8 $2,750
1987 Donruss Barry Bonds Opening Day 10 $2,147
1953 Bowman Larry Doby 9 $2,710
1941 Play Ball Joe DiMaggio 6 $2,675
1963 Topps Willie Stargell 9 $2,500
1969 Topps Nolan Ryan 9 $2,125
1940 Play Ball Joe Jackson 5 $1,801
1959 Topps Bill Mazeroski 10 $1,526
1954 Topps Warren Spahn 9 $1,580
1909 E95 Ty Cobb 5 $1,412
1909 E95 Honus Wagner 5 $1,414
1962 Topps HR Leaders (Mantle/Maris) 9 $1,330
1958 Topps Yankees Team 9 $1,325
1909-11 T206 Topsy Hartsel 9 $1,324


Common pricing may often vary depending on the issue in question. Common players who were members of popular teams such as the New York Yankees or Brooklyn Dodgers will often sell for a slight premium above the listed common price. In addition, rare or low population commons will sell for a premium, sometimes a significant one, depending on the issue and desirability of the set.


Unlisted semi-stars, team, combo, league leader and other special cards will usually sell for a premium above the common or singles price listed in each set. The premium may vary based on the demand of the issue in question.

SMR 100

The SMR Market Index is based on a compilation of the NM-MT prices for the 100 most important pre-1970 sportscards. Calculations are based on the percentage of price movement for each of the 100 cards since August 1, 1980. According to the SMR 100, $1,000 worth of NM-MT sportscards purchased August 1, 1980 would be worth $68,713.40.


The sportscard market is volatile and thinly capitalized. Significant short-term price swings are always possible, and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future growth or growth potential. Buying sportscards for investment carries many risks, and sportscards may be an unsuitable investment for certain investors. The SMR, its editors, and Collectors Universe, Inc. make no warranty that the sportscard market in general, or any sportscard in particular, will increase in value at all, or over any specific period of time. You buy and sell sportscards at your own risk.

Percentage Change In SMR 100 Index

  SMR 100 % of Change
Current: 6871.34 0.00%
One month ago: 6859.74 0.17%
Two months ago: 6784.27 1.28%
One year ago: 6134.82 12.01%
2 years ago: 4726.06 45.39%
3 years ago: 3852.64 78.35%
5 years ago: 2794.40 145.90%
10 years ago: 1944.44 253.38%


Cards Graded GEM MINT 10

Cards graded GEM MINT 10 by PSA are not listed for issues prior to 1978. We have established the following range for cards graded Gem Mint: 200%-500% of the MINT 9 price.