Since 1991, PSA has helped authenticate, grade and preserve millions of trading cards and other collectibles. Many of them are the most valuable of their kind in the world. Now, for the first time, PSA can help you celebrate the important personal events and people in your life by placing your specially designed trading cards or photos in our protective holder with a special label of your choosing.

If you don't already have personally designed trading cards, is a web site that lets you create personalized trading cards by uploading pictures and customizing them any way you want. From youth sports to birthdays, graduations to weddings, the possibilities are endless. PSA can encapsulate your special trading cards in our sonically sealed protective holder, and you get to customize the label to commemorate the special event. What better way to document and preserve a special person or moment than by creating a unique trading card and encapsulating it to ensure longevity?

For more information on how to create your own trading cards, visit or call (888) 666-0098.

Not only can PSA encapsulate your special trading cards, but also photos of various sizes. Preserve any special photo and cherish it forever by protecting it in our holder. Sizes are limited, so please contact Customer Service for further information.

A special green label will be used for the description on your holder. This allows you to personalize the label with the specific information you choose. You have four lines to work with, with a maximum of 29 characters per line. To take advantage of this fun service, contact PSA Customer Service at (800) 325-1121.