Effective November 23, 2009, all items authenticated by PSA/DNA will be accompanied by a new version of the tamper-evident sticker. This new sticker will utilize a hologram feature and a different type of tamper-evident technology. If someone tried to remove the new PSA/DNA hologram from the certified item or the PSA/DNA LOA, the sticker will automatically separate into two layers, splitting the sticker into two distinctly different pieces.

The prior version of the PSA/DNA sticker, which featured blue and red type against a white background, contained a "checkerboard" feature in the event that someone would attempt to remove it.

The new style PSA/DNA hologram will replace the old sticker for all authentication services that currently utilize a sticker as part of the process including previously-signed autographs, in-the-presence autographs, RookieBall and RookieGraph autographs, original photos, game-used bats and championship rings/trophies.

If you should have any questions regarding the new PSA/DNA hologram, please contact customer service toll-free at (800) 325-1121.