The Baseball Card Exchange, Inc. out of Lynwood, Illinois will begin having more of a presence in the PSA graded card market. Over the past several years Baseball Card Exchange, Inc. has become the world leader in buying and selling vintage unopened material pre-1990. Their inventory, strong buying prices, customer service, honesty and integrity have been the reasons they are considered at the top of the field. They would now like to announce that they are going to aggressively pursue the same business model in VINTAGE GRADED CARDS.

"We have decided to expand the products our company offers," says company owner Steve Hart. "We have always bought and sold vintage single cards and sets, but now we are ready to take a more aggressive approach to PSA graded material, sets and raw singles. Just as we have in the past been constantly out there buying unopened material, we will be doing the same with vintage sports cards."

"This will in no way affect the unopened part of our business. We will still continue to actively and aggressively pursue all unopened material, especially pre-1990.

You can view the new link added to the website for PSA Graded Cards. New cards will be added as soon as they come into inventory.