Baseball Card Exchange will be set up at this year's National Convention in Cleveland, OH, with an amazing array of unopened material for sale. There will be offerings of packs, boxes and cases from all 4 major sports. Over the past several months, company owner Steve Hart has been salting away a few items here and there to bring out to the National Convention this summer. He has never made these items available for sale until now. "Some of these items are the first examples I have ever owned. In fact, some of them are the first I have ever seen!!" One of the highlights will be an amazing find of unopened 1955 Topps All-American football cello packs and boxes. "These packs are simply the cleanest cellos I have ever seen. Some of them will have major stars showing on the tops, or the bottoms, or both top and bottom!" Several of these packs were opened recently and that is the reason for the sudden surge in PSA 10's in the population report. "These packs are yielding high grade cards that are unbelievable. One of the most interesting (and very exciting) facts with these cello packs is that they only yield 60 of the 100 cards possible in the set. However, Sid Luckman and Jim Thorpe are the only missing HOF'ers. Of the 60 possible cards are all the other HOF'ers, the last 8 cards in the set (all SP's), card #1, Knute Rockne, Four Horseman and many of the other shortprints." Therefore, these packs are loaded up with "hits" in each 20 card cello pack!

Along with the usual massive amount of material BBCE brings to every National, Steve will also be offering full wax and cello boxes from the 1950's (Yes, 1950's!), the 1960's and the 1970's. There will be full sealed cases of 1970's product also. Unopened graded packs will be from the 1950's through the 1980's also. So plan on stopping by booth numbers 1608 and 1612 to take a look at the material available. If you have anything available for sale, BBCE will be buying too! At minimum, please stop by to say hello. We look forward to seeing you.