(Los Angeles, CA) July 11th, 2008 -- NAXCOM announced today that it is changing the name of its online marketplace to SportsBuy (www.sportsbuy.com).

“The name change complements our position as the largest dedicated exchange for sports collectibles. This is just the first step in a complete overhaul of our company’s online presence,” commented Wesley Hein (SportsBuy’s new CEO). “Over the next few months we will undergo a comprehensive technological upgrade involving new infrastructure, new features, and a newly designed interface,” added Hein.

“Our name change reflects our promise to continue providing collectors and dealers with the best tools available for buying and selling sports cards and collectibles,” said Bill Elder – VP of Marketing.

The company will retain NAXCOM Exchange, Inc. as its corporate name and continues to operate ThePit.com, which was acquired from Topps, Inc. in 2006.

The company has released several large news stories over the past couple of months including the appointment of a new CEO, the repurchase of a majority of the company’s stock back from Landmark Communications (owner of the Weather Channel), the rollout of Express Lister last month and a record-breaking sales quarter.

About SportsBuy

SportsBuy.com (formerly NAXCOM) is the market leading online exchange for sports memorabilia featuring over 10 million listings of sports collectibles. SportsBuy has been promoting the West Coast’s largest Sports Collectible Shows since 1991 and expanded onto the Internet in 2001 providing the safest online marketplace for the Sports Collectibles Industry. In 2006, SportsBuy acquired ThePit.com from The Topps Company and in 2007, SportsBuy launched auctions.