Over the past year or so, PSA has developed more and more trading card holders. These new holders provide a much better fit for several different issues, something we could not do in prior years. They include, but are not limited to, cards like Old Judges, E-cards, Exhibits, Play Balls, 1970s disks (various issuers), Colgan Chips, Kellogg’s, etc.

For a limited time, PSA will offer a $3 per card re-holder special. Any card submitted for re-holder by June 1, 2008 (postmarked) is eligible for this special.

In addition, we also have a custom 5x7 holder. This holder can be used for various oversized issues from the 1980s, for example, as well as signed photos where the customer would like the autograph authenticated and graded.

A more comprehensive list will be provided in the near future.