That’s right, in March, NAXCOMAuctions is picking up all of the buyer’s Shipping Costs for auction purchases of $5 or more.

Los Angeles, CA February 26, 2008 --- has announced that it is picking up all of the buyer’s Shipping Costs on winning auctions of $5 or more on Single Items and $25 or more on larger items (Wax Boxes, Memorabilia, Sets and Supplies) for the entire month of March. Auction buyers will not have to pay any Shipping fees for their Winning Auctions, while sellers will still receive the normal Shipping fees paid for by NAXCOM .

“We have run Free Shipping promotions before, but we have never done it for a whole month and for items as low as $5,” said Eric Beckerman – COO at NAXCOM. “The reason we’re doing this big promotion is that we wanted to thank our 125,000+ user base for their support of the NAXCOM Marketplace and our successful expansion into Auctions this past November,” continued Beckerman.
“We’ve only just announced this amazing promotion and the response has already been fantastic” remarked Bill Elder – VP Marketing at NAXCOM. “The amount of auction listings has already doubled and the number of new registered users per day has almost tripled”.

More About Naxcom

NAXCOM, which launched in early 2002, has attributed its success of its expansion into Auction to its ability to eliminate fraud and risk. NAXCOM’s, exclusive Buyer/Seller Protection, protects the buyer’s payment until they receive and approve of their item purchased. In addition, sellers receive No Listing Fees, Lower Transaction Fees and no additional upgrade fees that are charged on other Online Auctions.